Dong Bao Money Making Apk + How to Get It!

Portalsitaro.comDong Bao Apk is a news reading application that presents a variety of interesting information in it. In this application, there are various kinds of news that you can read, such as lifestyle, fun, food, health and so on.

As a newly released money-making application, of course many people are not familiar with this Dong Bao apk, including how to use this money-making dong bao application.

The reason is, as a new apk, it certainly makes potential users quite anxious to use it, because there is nothing to prove that these apps actually pay their users or not.

Well, in this article we will discuss thoroughly about the money-making dong bao apk, complete with how to download and how this application works. Here’s the complete information

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Dong Bao Earning Money and How to Get It

The Dong Bao Apk, isn’t much different from other news reading applications that are widely used share on social media platforms, just like the application we discussed earlier, namely IndoToday which makes money.

As an official application, you can also download this Dong Bao apk directly via Google Play or the app store.

To download the Dong Bao application itself, it’s actually not done that way. So, we will not discuss specifically how to download this Dong Bao apk. Instead, you can download it via the link we’ve attached below!

Download link Dong Bao 4.21

How to Register Dong Bao Application

After successfully downloading and installing the dong bao apk on your cellphone, so that this application can be used to make money, users need to register or register a Dong Bao account first.

How to register dong bao apk is also easy to do, users only need to enter the application and then go to the “Me” menu. Well, in it you can register an account using a “Facebook” account or a “Google” account.

How Money-Making Dong Bao Works

To use this money-making application, it’s actually not that hard to do. However, there are some requirements and tasks that you need to do in the process of using it.

There are various tasks that you can perform, such as recruiting new members under an affiliation by registering them using the link and dong bao code that you have shared.

In addition, there are many other tasks that can also generate money which you can later exchange in various ways. Here’s how to see the tasks or missions in the dong bao application to make money.

1. Open and enter the application dong bao

First, please open the bao app that has been installed on your android phone. Then, press the menu icon with the words “Task” at the bottom of the screen.

2. Press the task menu button

Next, users need to press the option to find out and carry out the tasks that have been provided by the developer Roc Song, the manager of this dong bao apk.

3. Click the task menu again

To find out the various tasks available, please tap on the words “Task” which is next to the invite menu and free coins. To get rewards in the form of coins, please do the missions presented.

4. Make a withdrawal

After the mission is completed and the coins are collected up to the minimum redemption limit. users can exchange it in various ways. The developer provides 3 ways to withdraw cash for this Dong Bao application, namely: e-payment Funds and Gopay, as well as local bank transfers.

Is the Dong Bao Apk App Safe?

Julybe many questions will be said by potential users of this application. Because dongbao is a new application that has not been touched by the OJK (financial services authority). However, in our opinion it is quite safe to use.

Why? Because there are two reasons that make us not hesitate to use this money-making dongbao apk, namely: there is no deposit system that encourages users to deposit money and you can download this apk on the Play Store. It’s not like a fake application that uses non-legal links.

So, we believe if the user actually carries out the mission or task that was ordered. Then the user will be rewarded according to what is stated on the gift exchange menu.

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That’s the discussion that we can convey regarding the money-making dong bao apk complete by registering, downloading and working methods.

By the way, if you want to get free coins of 200,000. Please enter the invitation code dong bao 39366667 in order to collect the balance of money faster so that it can be withdrawn cash. Thank you and hopefully useful