Download Link WhatsApp Aero Latest 2022 Anti Banned

Download Link WhatApp Aero Latest 2022 Anti Banned_Whatsapp Aero Is a Whatsapp application that many WhatsApp Aero users are looking for. Many want to get a downlpad link for the Latest Whatsapp Aero 2022 Anti banned.

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The Whatsapp Aero application is a chat application with the same functions as the original version. For the original WhatsApp version, you can get it on Google Playstore for Android users and the App Store for iPhone users.

Whatspp itself is a chat application that can be used by Android users to send messages, photos or videos and even files can also be sent at this time with a capacity of 2GB, not only that, using Whatsapp you can make video calls or video calls with your relatives without haeus met, with the sophistication of today’s technology, it makes it easier for you to do everything, of course.

WhatsApp aero is a modified whatsapp that has various excellent features such as themes, fonts, many features, comfortable to use and safe to use, of course this is what is widely used for WhatsApp Aero, so it’s not surprising that many are looking for WhatsApp download links. The newest Aero 2022 is anti-banned.

Whatsapp Aero is a Whatsapp Mod with a modified version which for whatsapp was developed by a third party, and is not available in the play store, and to get it many are looking for it on google chrome. WhatsApp Aero is able to provide extraordinary advantages for its users. This is able to provide several superior features that are usually enjoyed by WhatsApp Aero users

The latest WhatsApp Aero with various excellent features that WhatsApp Aero users can get. WhatsApp Aero is Whatsapp with a Mod Version and is not inferior to Whatsapp other mod versions such as MB Whatsapp, GB Whatsapp, FM Whatsapp and many more whatsapp mod features that you can get of course with the advantages of each in the whatsapp mod.

Whatsapp Aero has various types of advantages, here is a list of the advantages of WhatsApp Aero if you use it.

WhatsApp Aero Can Change Appearance Like applying the iphone theme to this WhatsApp Aero display.

WhatsApp Aero Mod can change the look like an Instagram story, of course making the appearance of Whatsapp Aero even more interesting and not bored when using this WhatsApp Aero mod.

WhatsApp Aero is able to provide features of hiding online status and typing, which if we type or go online on WhatsApp Aero it will not be seen by our friends.

WhatsApp Aero provides an excellent feature, namely being able to set who can call us on whatsapp and video calls on whatsapp, meaning we can set people who can contact us or not.

WhatsApp Aero Mamou provides a feature, namely removing the two ticks, and the blue tick on whatsapp when we are online on whatsapp Aero.

Whatsapp Aero This is able to see messages that have been deleted, meaning messages that have been deleted by friends will be able to see again because it has an anti-delete feature.

Whatsapp Aero is able to provide a feature where you can download Ststus without using additional applications.

Of the several advantages mentioned above, there are many other advantages that you can get in the latest 2022 aero whatsapp.


The security features of whatsapp mod can be said to be guaranteed for security, this whatsapp aero application is able to lock directly from within the whatsapp.

For those of you who want to download the latest WhatsApp Aero 2022, you can download it here.

Whatsapp Aero app

Sinze: 66 MB

Version : New Version

Support: android 4.4+

That’s the discussion of the Latest WhatsApp Aero Download Link for 2022 Anti Banned. Hopefully it will be useful and thank you.