Easy Ways to Create an Email Account on Protonmail

There are lots of email services on the internet. Most of them provide easy access and simple registration. So that the average email registration process only lasts a maximum of 5 minutes.

But did you know about Protonmail? It is an email service that has been around for a long time and is operating well until now. Basically users are given convenience when registering a new email there.

Protonmail provides free access and paid for the email service. You can choose any according to your storage needs. Of course, a free account will have its own limitations, such as limits on sending/receiving messages, storage, and several other things.

Tutorial on Registering Email on Protonmail

The Protonmail website is so simple, it’s almost like using Gmail in classic mode. In addition, the easy access makes the registration process faster. And here’s the tutorial:

  1. Please go to the Protonmail website.

  2. Then click the button SIGN UP.

  3. Select a service plan. If you want free, please choose the one FREE then click button SELECT FREE PLAN.

    Register a Free Email Account at Protonmail

  4. Next, fill in the fields username and also password.

    Fill in Username and Password

  5. Continue click button CREATE ACCOUNT.

  6. The next stage is the verification process. There are several options, but you can choose a captcha code to make it easier.

    Email Account Verification Process

  7. If you have finished, click the button COMPLETE SETUP.

  8. Wait a few moments, and the email account has been created successfully.

When an email account has been created, you can save your username and password on paper so you don’t forget them. Because these two things are important to be able to reopen the email account at Protonmail.

Why Isn’t Capctha Verification Appearing in Protonmail?

Julybe some users experience problems, precisely in the 6th step above. Where verification with captcha type does not appear. This could be because you have previously created an email there.

But there’s no need to worry, because you can still use other verification options, such as use phone number. So after writing down the number, you will get the required verification code via SMS message for the verification stage.

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Protonmail is a very simple email service, with simple navigation, allowing users to manage everything easily. The advantages of Protonmail are that the registration process is not complicated and also the management of email messages is fast.

Another plus is that there are several verification options available. It can be via a captcha code, phone number, or even another email address. This is to ensure that the account registrant is not a robot.

Oh yes, Protonmail only allows 1 user to have 1 email there. For example, if you have previously used a phone number as a Protonmail account verification, then it can no longer be used to verify other accounts.

Hopefully useful and good luck