Easy Ways to Create Soft & Special Meatballs

Make special meatballs – Meatballs are a type of cuisine that is very popular in Indonesia, almost all places in Indonesia are familiar with this one dish. The savory and delicious taste is often a favorite choice as a culinary snack. It is not difficult to find this one food because in every place it is easy to find it. However, lately, many media have mentioned that irresponsible traders or meatball makers use materials that are not fit for consumption for profit. Starting from the addition of formalin, the use of pork / wild boar to dangerous preservatives, sometimes we are afraid to eat snacks.

But just because you’re afraid doesn’t mean you can’t eat this delicious dish. You can make it yourself at home and of course it’s safe because you yourself make and cook it so you know very well the ingredients you use. In making these meatballs, it’s easy, the most important thing is that the basic ingredients mix with the flavor enhancer just right. You can also make beef meatballs or chicken meatballs according to your taste depending on the material you use. Here’s an easy way to make chewy meatballs easily, hehehehe just makes me hungrier:

Making Soft & Special Meatballs

Ingredients for making special meatballs
grams of lean beef or chicken (according to your taste), try to use meat that is still fresh because it affects the results.
150 grams of ice cubes
50 ml egg whites or 2 eggs only the whites are taken
3 cloves of garlic and thinly sliced ​​then fried
3-5 cloves of garlic, blended or finely ground
2 tsp salt or approx 15 grams
Half a teaspoon of lightly sweetened culinary soda (you can also use baking powder)
100 grams of sago flour or tapioca flour (starch) the size of the flour can be 100-200 grams but it’s according to your own taste
Water in a saucepan for boiling meatballs (1/4-1/3 pot)

How to make Chewy Meatballs

  1. So that later it is easy to mash up small pieces of chicken or beef first. Put it in a meat blender or FP (food processor) give half the ice cubes that have been provided earlier then grind until smooth. Add egg whites, fried garlic, mashed garlic, salt and remaining ice cubes. Repeat grinding so that the meat is really smooth and soft.
  2. Add sago flour or starch (tapioca) and lightly sweetened culinary soda (or baking powder). Grind again until smooth and soft and like pasta dough, so that the total grinding is 3 times from the initial process.
  3. Prepare the fire and place the pot that has been filled with water and then bring to a boil. After boiling, turn off the heat or you can reduce the heat to the lowest so that the water does not boil so that the meatballs do not crumble when added.
  4. Take a handful of the meatball paste dough then make a fist and press your fingers until the dough sticks out from between your thumb and forefinger, dip the spoon into cold water (the goal is to make sure the spoon doesn’t stick) then lift the dough ball with a spoon and put it in hot water or a saucepan. Actually this method is not a must, it basically creates meatball balls according to your expectations.
  5. Allow the meatballs to expand, then turn on or increase the flame and cook again with small boiling water for 5 minutes so that the meatballs are cooked perfectly.
  6. Prepare cold water in a container or vessel, remove the cooked meatballs from the pot and put them in cold water. Let it cool. Drain and the meatballs are ready to use or eat straight away.
  7. Fresh meatballs without preservatives last all day at open temperature, last a week in the refrigerator and can last up to 2-3 months in frozen/freezer temperatures.

Well, here’s a tutorial for making meatballs in the video that you can see below:

How to make the meatball gravy
Ingredients for making meatball sauce

  • Beef or chicken bones to taste
  • Water

Seasoning for making meatball sauce

  1. Five cloves of garlic that have been fried and crushed.
  2. Four cloves of red onion that have been fried and crushed.
  3. Half a tablespoon of finely chopped fried onions.
  4. Two tablespoons of sugar.
  5. One tablespoon of salt.
  6. Half a teaspoon of pepper.
  7. Four spring onions, take the white part, then slice it into small pieces.
  8. Two teaspoons of instant beef broth.

How to make meatball sauce

  • Boil water with beef bones and all the spices until it boils until the bones are cooked.
  • When the bones are cooked, reduce the heat and then the meatballs can be served with the sauce.

That was the recipe and how to make special beef or chicken meatballs (according to taste) which of course will produce soft, smooth and delicious meatballs to eat with your family or friends. Good luck.