Easy Ways to Overcome the Troubled Firefox Browser

Who is not familiar with the Mozilla Firefox browser, it is one of the popular browsers that has been around for a long time and continues to grow today. There have been many advantages since Firefox released the Quantum version, for example, the browsing speed is better than before.

But no one can know that all browsers can have problems, be it not being able to open a website, slow navigation access, or other problems. But you don’t have to worry, because all problems in Firefox can be solved easily.

So if you are currently having problems with the Mozilla Firefox browser, please follow the easy steps to overcome them below. Make sure to start with the first one for effective results.

1. Clear All Browsing Data in Firefox

Browsing data that accumulates can cause the browser to be slow when opened or used. Therefore by deleting browsing data regularly will be much better. To delete it, please follow the tutorial in the article entitled “Clearing Firefox Browsing Data”.

2. Turn Off All Add-Ons

Addons or add-ons that have problems can also affect the browser, you know. Whether it’s due to an addon update problem that doesn’t work perfectly, or other things. However, you can try to turn off all of these addons to make sure further.

The method is very easy, please click the menu button, then click Add-ons, after that turn off all addons that are currently active in the browser. And if you have, please restart Firefox and see the results. Is the browser now normal?

3. Enable Safe Mode on Mozilla Firefox

Firefox has a Safe Mode feature that allows you to safely open the browser without any problems. This feature is hidden and can’t even be found in the settings. So to go to that mode, please type the command below on address bar.


After that the page will open and you can press the button on the section Try Safe Mode. The browser will then restart and all add-ons will also be temporarily disabled. At this time, you can find out if the browser is normal. And if it’s normal, it means that the problem is indeed from one of the add-ons in the browser.

4. Use Firefox’s Refresh Feature

The refresh feature provided by Firefox is almost the same as doing reinstall. This feature is available in the uninstall option of the application in Windows.

To access this feature please go to Windows Settings > Apps > Firefox > Uninstall. Then press the button Segarkan Firefox and follow the procedure.

Troubleshooting Firefox Browser Problems

After the process has been completed, please open the Firefox browser again, surely now all problems have disappeared because everything has been updated to its original state as if you had just installed the browser.

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Those are just a few ways to solve problems in the Firefox browser. Most people experience this as a result of an add-on or addon having issues. But by turning off the problematic addon, Firefox will certainly return to normal again.

Oh yes, in addition to some of the things above, make sure you have activated the automatic update feature. So if a problem occurs on the Firefox system, it will definitely be fixed in a future update.

Hopefully useful and good luck