Effective Tips for Overcoming Fear, Anxiety & Worry

Overcome fear, anxiety & excessive worry – Every human being naturally must have a sense of fear, anxiety and worry because it is a natural thing. But if the fear, anxiety and worry are excessive, of course this will limit you to develop, grow, express and socialize. And if you let this go, of course it is not good for mental health and general health disorders such as anxiety disorder (disorder or disorders of excessive fear, anxiety and worry) and bipolar disorder (mental health disorders that cause extreme mood swings).

Fear, anxiety and worry can manifest as the following patterns:

  • Excessive fear of loss, fear of doing or starting something, fear of failure, fear of being shunned, fear of not passing the selection or exam, etc
  • Excessive anxiety is like worrying about bad things happening, worrying about the future, worrying about difficult life, worrying about something, etc
  • Excessive worry is like worrying about not getting a mate soon, worrying about bad things happening, worrying about something that won’t necessarily happen, etc.

If you are currently a person who can control and control the fear that arises from within you, then try to always keep yourself stable to control it all. However, if you are currently one of those people who do not have self-control in controlling and overcoming excessive fear, anxiety and worry, then you must find the perfect solution to eliminate and overcome that excessive fear, because the impact will be a barrier for you and those around you. Some of the bad effects that might happen to you if you can’t control your fears, anxiety and worries are as follows:

Regret in the future
Yes, what you are afraid of, what you are worried about and what you are worried about will not necessarily come true and if you let it go, of course this will limit you from starting or starting something so that as a result there will be regrets later on.

Decreased self-confidence
Yes, of course, if you are always worried, excessive fear and anxiety will certainly have an effect on your confidence, you will feel insecure to do anything.

Easy to complain, frustrated and restless
Excessive fear, anxiety and worry will only make you feel restless because you don’t feel comfortable with yourself, always frustrated because you can’t control yourself and are not ready to face failures and difficulties, and always complain when you encounter difficulties.

Yes, if you experience things like the points above, of course you will get stressed easily because you are easily depressed, emotionally weak, etc

Anxiety, fear and worry will come true (failure) if you always focus on that feeling because you will not be able to start positive things, try to wake up and only worry about things that may not happen and of course failure will await in front of your eyes. .

Effective Tips for Overcoming Fear, Anxiety & Worry

So if you want to overcome your excessive fear, anxiety and worry, here are some tips and ways to overcome it:

Get closer and always be grateful
Feeling always grateful will always help you appreciate in everything you get and help you accept all trials and difficulties so that you are able to stay away from fear, anxiety and worry. Getting closer to God both in prayer and worship will give you the strength to live every twist of life, good or bad.

Identify the cause of your fear
Find out what makes you afraid, anxious or worried. After you know your anxieties, links and worries, then look for the solution, hopefully you will avoid it as a pattern, if you are afraid of not passing the exam, why don’t you study diligently so that you pass the exam? If you are worried about your bleak future, why not start working hard now so that your life in the future will be more prosperous? If you are worried about breaking up with your boyfriend, why don’t you start improving your relationship from now on, even if you keep breaking up with your boyfriend, there are millions of better women out there.

Judging everything from the positive side
As I explained in the top point that fear, anxiety and worry will only limit you from being positive, limiting yourself, growing, socializing etc. So instead of thinking about everything that hasn’t all happened in your life, why don’t you think and act positively from now on hopefully what you fear, worry about, worry about doesn’t actually happen.

Avoid all forms of emotional stress and psychological disorders
Avoiding all forms of pressure you can do by doing positive things that you can do to prevent you from any form of pressure either mentally or psychologically. As a pattern, if you are afraid of being scolded by the teacher because you always arrive late, then try to always wake up early so that you are not scolded, if you are worried about being scolded by your boss because you are afraid of not achieving the goals the company wants, then try to think and work harder so that your goals are achieved, etc. .

It’s not easy to give up and always dare to try
Failure is success that is delayed, everyone who is proven successful in all the fields he is involved in must have experienced failure. If you just worry, scare, worry, complain, despair, your failure and don’t try to wake up when will you succeed and fix your failure?

Increase your self-confidence
Confidence is the main thing how you succeed. A bona fide company will like its employees who have high self-confidence, friendship will work well if you are confident, financial success will be achieved if you are confident to look for it even in love a woman prefers a man who is full of confidence, so don’t be afraid, Your anxieties and worries limit your self-confidence.

Never get carried away by something that leads to negative things
Do not follow the current that leads you to negative things, if you do negative things then anxiety, fear and worry will arise. If you are always walking and thinking about all positive things what else have you to fear, worry or worry about?

Increase your ability and insight
By always learning, adding insight and knowledge will make you smarter, smarter, know many things and increase self-confidence.

Think before speaking or doing something
Thinking carefully before you speak, decide or act will prevent you from doing wrong so you don’t have to be afraid, anxious or worried.

Always relax
If you feel comfortable, calm and calm mind why should you be afraid, anxious or worried. Try practicing yoga, meditation, tai chi or other relaxation techniques that keep your mind calm and calm as well as benefit your general health. Avoid stress and get enough rest.

Many friends, beloved family, friends or understanding friends will certainly make you happier and avoid excessive fear, anxiety and worry because all the people you love are all beside you who will be ready to help, communicate and accompany you if you get into trouble. .

Well maybe that’s all I can convey about tips for overcoming excessive fear, anxiety and worry. Of course, there are many more factors that can help you overcome this, so if you have experience dealing with anxiety, worry and excessive fear, please add them in the comments.