Effective Ways & Tips for Determining the Right Insurance

Actually what is insurance, and is it really necessary? Well, maybe that’s the most common question asked by people who feel the need to save their assets, both themselves and their assets from unexpected things. As quoted from Wikipedia, insurance is a term used to refer to an action, system, or business in which financial protection (or financial compensation) for life, property, health and so on is reimbursed from unforeseen events that can occur. occurs such as death, loss, damage or illness, which involves regular premium payments over a certain period of time in exchange for a policy that guarantees such protection. Now with language that is easier for most people to understand, insurance is an action to protect our valuable assets such as health, property, family, elderly etc. so that we can get insurance when something we don’t want to happen such as accidents, property fires, education etc.

So how much insurance is needed? So, this is a question that only you can answer yourself. Personally, I think this is a very important thing, we will never know unexpected things that we don’t want to happen to us, that’s why we need a guarantee of support when it happens to us someday. Do you still remember when Christiano Ronaldo (CR7) the world’s top footballer was willing to insure his feet for 1 trillion rupiah, well because his feet are a very important asset for his career in football.

Ok, back to the topic we discussed this time, I will share about how how to determine the right insurance whether it’s health insurance, property protection, education, employees, old age insurance, etc. so you don’t make the wrong choice and find the right insurance. Here’s how to determine the perfect insurance for those who are interested in insurance, so you don’t put the money wrong.

Insurance as needed
The first thing you should pay attention to in choosing insurance is to choose insurance that suits your needs, family, valuables and your future. As a pattern for the head of the family who works for a living every day, choose health insurance, so that when something unwanted happens such as illness, there is a guarantee for health and there is a solution as a pattern for paying for the hospital. Meanwhile, for the continuity of children’s education, namely education insurance, property or ownership insurance, namely home insurance, car insurance, tragedy insurance and finally savings insurance, namely endowment insurance, unitlink and pension funds. There are so many types of insurance that insurance distributors offer. But keep in mind, not all insurance products you need to have. Everyone has different financial conditions so the need for insurance products is not necessarily the same. So make sure you choose the insurance that you really need.

Insurance according to ability
Yes you have to determine the insurance according to your ability. In principle, the amount of insurance can be adjusted according to one’s ability, usually in the range of 10%-15% of income. Insurance is important and is expected as a guarantee for things that are not desired, but determining insurance must also pay attention to your ability to invest your money in the insurance. Payments can be made annually, semester, quarterly, monthly or once paid if there is sustenance.

Even for the same type of insurance, the value of the premium offered by one insurance company to another is different, otherwise known as a company policy. Choose one that shows the same coverage and service value but the premium value is quite competitive.

Choose insurance that is really trusted
How can you find out that the insurance you want to follow is really reliable, then the answer is to make sure that the insurance is registered with the OJK (Financial Services Authority) please see more details at OJK website insurance discourse. And make sure it is done by marketers who are licensed or certified by AAJI (Indonesian Life Insurance Association) and AAUI (Indonesian General Insurance Association).

Observe the track record of the insurance company, whether it is registered with the Ministry of Finance or not (check here) www.bapepam.go.id). That’s a tactic to detect whether the quality of the company is healthy enough so that it can serve customer claims. In many cases, customers feel disappointed because it is difficult to get a claim that is their right. Be careful, inadequate services such as insurance distributors who do not understand or cannot explain the products offered often occur, which results in harm to customers.

Learn more about insurance
Learn more fully, thoroughly and further about the insurance you want to follow. Learn all the benefits of the product purchased and the claim mechanism clearly, so that it is easy to get an application. Don’t be swayed by tempting offers and bonus bonuses that you may get, but the result turns out to be low, to make sure this doesn’t happen, make sure to ask for a copy of the product policy pattern you want to buy to study, before making a purchase. Always be open and honest with marketers in providing the information they need, in order to avoid rejection when submitting a claim and make sure to re-read the policy provisions when the policy is finished, whether it is in accordance with the commitments during the insurance purchase process.

Read the policy clauses carefully in order to really understand the costs and protection that will be obtained. Mistakes often occur, the protection of the selected policy turns out to be insufficient to meet the needs, or vice versa, exceeds the needs so that it is useless.