Effective Ways to Overcome a Hot HP Suddenly

Basically the temperature of the cellphone will increase when it is being used to play games, do multitasking, and so on. But it doesn’t make sense if suddenly the temperature of the phone becomes very hot when you hold it, even though you don’t open heavy applications.

Let’s go straight to the point, that the problem of a hot cellphone is mostly based on a process that is still running, and that consuming CPU usage which is too high. To work around this, you have to identify the process that is causing it and stop it.

To identify on an Android phone is not as easy as using the Task Manager on a computer. This is because there is no feature that displays CPU usage in an application. But Android still has a feature to find out what processes are currently running, which can be used to overcome this problem.

Why is the Phone Temperature Suddenly Hot?

I have experienced this problem and thankfully it has been resolved in a fairly simple way. As long as this problem has nothing to do with hardware components, everything can be solved easily and quickly.

Alright, I’ll tell you a little about the previous case. So at that time I only opened a few applications, one of which was Facebook. Just scrolling for a few minutes on the homepage, but suddenly the temperature of the phone increases and the hottest part is on the side, precisely near the power and volume buttons.

Of course it made me a little confused, considering that I don’t do much on my phone, aka just playing social media. But after installing an app to check CPU performance, I finally figured out what caused this to happen. It turns out that the cause is the application that is experiencing malfunctionso I uninstalled some apps and finally the phone recovered.

And in this article I will share the procedure for identify apps which causes the phone to heat up suddenly. Please read carefully from here.

Solution for Hot Phones Suddenly

1. Enter Safe Mode

Android phones have a safe mode feature (safe mode) which is useful for running the phone without any interruption from an installed application. So when this mode is active, only system applications can be used.

To activate Safe Mode on a phone sometimes it is different. But you can follow the procedure in the article titled 2 Ways to Enter Safe Mode on an Android Phone.

After entering Safe Mode, try to check the temperature of the phone again. If the temperature is normal aka not anymore overheatingmeans that the cause is from one of the apps installed on the phone.

2. Install CPU Monitor App

The second stage is to install an application called CPU Monitor which you can download via the Play Store. The purpose of this application is to check the CPU usage on each core. And this application has something to do with the next stage.

If the phone overheats, for sure load on all or some cores will increase above 80%. This is what makes the phone heat up unexpectedly and non-stop. And after knowing this problem, the last thing you need to do is identify the application that causes it.

3. Identifying the App Causing the Phone to Heat

Make sure that Developer Mode on your phone has been opened. If so, please go to Arrangement > Developer Options and then tap on menu Ongoing Services.

In this section you can find out what application processes are running, but still don’t know exactly which applications are consuming high CPU.

For that, you can find out by stopping the process in each application one by one while checking the CPU Monitor application to find out changes in consumption levels or load current CPUs.

So basically every time you stop the application process, please check the CPU Monitor to see the difference. If the application process that was the cause was successfully disabled, of course load CPU will immediately drop.


Overall, there are three steps that you have to do to be able to find out and also make sure that the hot phone problem is caused by an application that is running. So when you have found it, you can immediately uninstall or stop the process.

And actually there is also one more effective way if the above method cannot be applied for some reason, namely by fully reset the phone. This will erase almost everything on your phone, so please back up important data like pictures, videos, contacts, etc. first so you don’t lose them.

Hopefully useful and good luck