Enabling Rest Mode on Samsung Phones

There is another new feature that is present on some Samsung phones, namely Rest Mode. This feature is available since the One UI version 2.0 and has a usability that is good enough to provide comfort in using the cellphone.

Rest Mode is different from Night Mode, this will actually help you to be able to rest undisturbed for all notifications that appear. And you can set the start and end hours based on your habitual hours of sleep at night.

When this mode is activated, all notifications that appear will not sound, but will still be sent. And all the colors on the phone will be gray. Will return to normal at the end of the hour according to what has been set.

How to Enable Rest Mode on Samsung Phones

This feature is very suitable to be applied if you don’t want to be disturbed by notifications that sound in the middle of the night if you wake up from sleep. Meanwhile, the phone/call notification will still sound.

Here’s a tutorial on enabling Rest Mode:

  1. Open Arrangement.

  2. Scroll down and tap menu Digital Habits and Parental Control.

  3. Tap on menu Rest Mode.

    Tap Rest Mode Menu

  4. Please choose Set Schedule to adjust the start and end hours. And then enable.

    Enabling Rest Mode on Samsung Phones

Keep in mind that this feature is present starting from One UI 2.0, so if on your Samsung phone you are still using version 1.0, the Rest Mode option will not appear. For that please check for updates to the software.

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Is Rest Mode the Same as Do Not Disturb?

Almost the same, but still different. If Do Not Disturb Mode (Do Not Disturb) can be applied at any time via the notification panel, while Rest Mode is more intended for nighttime needs when resting.

By enabling Rest Mode, Do Not Disturb Mode will also be activated automatically to block all notifications.

If you have other questions regarding the procedure for activating Rest Mode, please comment in the column below for solutions.

Hopefully useful and good luck