Enabling the Parental Control Feature on Spotify Premium Family

Spotify provides premium access at a fairly friendly price. There are many advantages to being a premium member, one of which is being able to save or download music and play it offline.

There are two types of premium provided by Spotify, namely individual and family. And if you subscribe to Spotify Premium Family, all family members at home can enjoy premium access on Spotify for up to a maximum of 6 accounts.

And best of all, you can limit content explicit or vulgar for some members. For example for the account of his sister or child. That way the songs that are marked as content explicit will be removed and cannot be found for that account.

How to Enable Parental Control on Spotify Premium Family

Before doing so, first make sure that the account you are using is a package manager so that you can set up parental control for each member. And here are some steps:

  1. Sign in to your Spotify account.

  2. Click menu Premium Family.

    Click the Premium Family Menu

  3. Select a family member’s name.

    Choose Family Account

  4. Then activate it on the option Remove explicit content.

    Enabling the Parental Control Feature on Spotify Premium Family

  5. Done, now all content explicit on Spotify for that account will be hidden.

If previously a song was marked as content explicit has been added to the playlist, it will be removed in an instant once you apply the above steps. Even if it’s downloaded, it won’t be able to play on Spotify.

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Restricting Spotify Vulgar Content Through Settings

Another way can also be done through Settings, even if you don’t have a Spotify Premium Family subscription. To do so, please open the Spotify app on your phone and head to Settings. Next don’t activate on options Allow Vulgar Content.

But anyone can set this way, aka there are no restrictions. In contrast to the Spotify Premium Family subscription, you can control all accounts/members only through the main account (package manager).

Hopefully useful and good luck