Fix “Apps is Currently Not Availabe” in Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store is a place to download or buy apps specifically for Windows devices. All available applications or programs are guaranteed to be safe to use because they are uploaded directly by the original vendor.

Just like the Play Store or the Apps Store on a cellphone, an app sometimes has its own country restrictions. So if it is opened through a country that is not included, it will get a notification “This App is Currently Not Availabe” and of course can’t be downloaded.

If you get that notification too, then that’s a sign of the app not available for Indonesia. But there’s a little trick to make it downloadable and it’s very easy, even without the need to use a VPN.

Overcoming Apps Currently Not Available on the Microsoft Store

All you need to do is change the region on the computer to the country that the application is intended for. An example is the application Napster and TIDAL which is intended for America, so I will change the region from Indonesia to America. Here’s how.

  1. Please go to Windows Settings.

  2. Click menu Time & Language.

    Click Menu Time & Language

  3. Then go to tab Region.

    Click the Region Tab

  4. And set Country or Region be the required state for the application.

    Fix Apps is Currently Not Availabe on Microsoft Store

After setting it up, you can try to open the Microsoft Store again and go to the page of the application you want to download earlier. Surely now the button to download it can appear. And you can directly download it without the need to change the IP address.

After the application is installed, you are also allowed to change the region back to Indonesia again. Application will stay installed and there is no change in it. Unless the application requires an IP for a specific country, then you must use a VPN to be able to use it.

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Is a VPN Necessary?

If you only download apps from the Microsoft Store, you don’t need a VPN. However, a VPN may still be needed only when the app is blocking internet access in a country other than the desired one.

So in my opinion the role of the VPN is actually still needed to just in case just. There are tons of free VPN programs that you can download on the Microsoft Store. Please use one of those.

Hopefully useful and good luck