Fix Bluetooth Icon Not Appearing in Windows 10

Although the Bluetooth feature in Windows is rarely used because there is already a data cable that is more efficient in sending files, it feels incomplete if this feature is abandoned. For sending small files such as documents or pictures, using Bluetooth is much more practical and less complicated.

If in Windows 10, the Bluetooth feature can be enabled or disabled via the Notification Panel. But what if you turn it on but the Bluetooth icon still doesn’t appear on the toolbar? Surely it will be difficult if you want to send a file.

But don’t worry, because sometimes the loss of the Bluetooth icon is caused by an error when clicking something, so the icon is hidden and doesn’t appear anymore. Meanwhile, you can still redisplay the icon, and the procedure will be shared in this article.

Bluetooth Icon Not Appearing on Toolbar Windows 10

To confirm this first, make sure you have turned on Bluetooth via the Notification Panel. Because maybe you forgot you haven’t activated the feature, so the icon doesn’t appear.

If it has been turned on but the icon still doesn’t appear, please follow the procedure below to make the Bluetooth icon appear again on the Toolbar.

  1. Please go to Windows Settings.

  2. Choose Devices.

    Select Devices in Windows 10 Settings

  3. Click on Bluetooth & Other Devices.

    Click Bluetooth and Other Devices

  4. Scroll down and click menu More Bluetooth Options.

    Click Menu More Bluetooth Options in Windows 10

  5. Next tick on options Show The Bluetooth Icon in The Notification Area.

    Fix Bluetooth Icon Not Appearing in Windows 10

  6. The last step, click the button OK.

After following the steps above, surely the Bluetooth icon will reappear as before. Now you can take actions with the Bluetooth feature as usual through the icon.

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Due to Bluetooth Can’t Be Turned On

The above problems are more common than this one. If the Bluetooth feature can’t be turned on, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong with the system, and fixing this problem isn’t quick.

The first solution is to do troubleshoot. It can be found in the settings. The windows system will analyze the cause of the Bluetooth not being able to activate, and fix it if possible.

The second solution is to downgrade the version of the Bluetooth driver used. Because who knows recently there is a driver update that affects Bluetooth performance.

The method is very easy, please go to Device Manager, double click on the current Bluetooth driver. After that click the button Uninstall Driver and restart the device.

Uninstall Bluetooth Driver

When booting, the system will automatically install the Bluetooth driver with the default version. After that, the Bluetooth feature can be used normally like the first time using it.

Hopefully useful and good luck