Free Fire Flies song, this is the title – From the beginning of its release until now, the Free Fire game often presents various kinds of sounds that entertain the players. And one of the music that is quite popular is the song FF flies.

This Free Fire fly song is indeed quite interesting for music listeners who play this battle royale game. The reason is, the strains of music and distinctive sound are the reasons why the free fire song flies viral lately.

However, there are still many FF players who don’t know the title of this fly’s Free Fire song. Therefore, below we will describe a little information related to this. please watch carefully.

Song Title Free Fire Flies

When Free Fire players listen to this sound, maybe many people will like it. In addition, some people want to make it as a ringtone or call tone on their mobile device.

You need to know, the title of this fly’s Free Fire song is ‘Rampage’. Garena Free Fire together with Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike created a theme song exclusive to the Rampage: New Dawn event.

The event, which will be held on 18 July -1 July 2022, presents a song that is now known as Free Fire Flies. Players can search for it on the YouTube or Tiktok platforms with the hashtags #FreeFireDVLM or #FFxDVLM.

Why is the Free Fire Flies Song Viral?

After we explored and found out the reason why this Free Fire fly went viral, there are several reasons that might be the basis why people like this Rampage FF event song.

This fly FF game song is indeed quite comfortable to use for things such as making pause videos, call ringtones or notifications for media chat applications such as WhastApp, Telegram, and Messenger.

Another thing that makes this FreeFirex DVLM collaboration song attractive to gamers is that it can increase the enthusiasm of people who hear it (even though they don’t know what it means). So, it’s not wrong if many people like this Free Fire fly song.

DVLM X FreeFire Rampage Lyrics

Here are the lyrics and meaning of the song Rampage which is a collaboration between the Free Fire game platform and also Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike.

  • Won’t back down, gonna stand and fight (will not back down, will advance against)
  • Burning up the whole world tonight (the whole world will burn tonight)
  • Just call your friends yeah it’s going down (just call your friends yeah, it’s coming)
  • There’s a rampage coming now (there will be revenge coming)

How to Get Free Fire Flies

If FreeFire players want to include this FreeFirex DVLM collab song with the title ‘Rampage’ as a collection of your memorable songs. So below we will provide information on how to do it.

  • First, please search for the FreeFire x DVLM music video with the title Rampage on YouTube.
  • Please click Share or Share to get the link link.
  • Then, go to your flagship browser application. We recommend using Google Chrome.
  • In the browser field, please write ‘YouTube to MP3’.
  • There will be several sites that provide YouTube video downloads that will convert to MP3.
  • Click the site with the address ‘y2mate com’.
  • Paste the link that you got into the column provided.
  • Click download MP3 to start downloading the Free Fire fly song file earlier.
  • Wait until the download process is complete.

If so, then you have managed to get the freefire fly song entitled Rampage. Please use it as a call ringtone or collect it into the best song you have.

Well, that’s the information that we can share related to how to get the title of this viral free fire fly song. So now FF players don’t need to look for this game sound that is quite comfortable to listen to.

That’s the information we can convey related to the title of the free fire fly song that you are looking for. Hopefully the little info we share is useful for the players of this battle royale game.

There are so many Free Fire game sound songs that are hits and are interesting to listen to. One of them is this fly FF. So, please use the method we shared above to be able to download and save it. That’s all and good luck.