Free Mental Health Check Online via Via Bersama Com Mental health or mental health is an important thing that we need to take care of. Because, to face life that is complicated, mental resilience is the main thing to keep the mind normal.

Sometimes there are people who ask themselves about their current mental health condition. So that they know whether the metal health he has is good or not.

In this millennial era, we can find out about our mental health easily. No need to go to a psychologist anymore, someone can find out mental health through online tests that you can find on the internet.

There are lots of free online mental health check sites that you can find, and one of the sites that provides this service is You can use the service to find out your current mental condition.

What is a Pass With Com . Site

For those of you who don’t know what a shared website is, we will provide a little explanation for you.

Laluibersama com is an online health service site opened by Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR). On this site, users can check their current mental health condition.

Not only that, this free online mental health check website is equipped with a sharing feature about what you are experiencing right now. Is it getting better or worse every day. You can say on this site.

If you have questions about metal health, please send questions to and then the manager will provide answers about the comments you made.

Health Health Test Online via viabersama com

If you are experiencing depression, anxiety, or stress? The site Laluibersama com provides a tool to detect this, with the name ‘Mental Health Calculator’.

This Health Health calculator can help you measure your current level of depression, stress, and anxiety.

On this go through mental health check site, everyone can use it. We just visit the site to try to use it.

Moreover, Laluibersama also does not charge any fees or is free. So, please take this opportunity to check mental health psychology online this 2022.

How to Check Mental Health Online for Free viabersama com

For those of you who want to know one of these online Indonesian mental health test sites. So below we will provide a guide for you.

There, users just have to answer the questions that have been provided honestly. As a media look at the percentage of your current mental health level. And here are the steps for a mental health check on throughbersama com:

  • Open your Android or iPhone. Then go to your mainstay browser application.
  • Visit site
  • After entering the site’s homepage, please click the ‘Mental Health Calculator’ button to start doing this free online mental health check.
  • You will answer 21 questions presented by the site manager through com. honestly to see your current mental state.
  • After all the questions have been answered, click the ‘Check’ option to see the results of the user’s mental health test.
  • The results of the mental health check will appear. You just have to scroll down to read the text about your current mental health information.

Good or bad test results depend on the answer you choose. So if the test information gives a negative result, the level of depression, stress, and also an anxiety disorder is high. Don’t panic and stay calm. Because many out there are also experiencing relatively the same conditions.

Use the test results that appear after the mental health check that you do to better appreciate yourself and bring out positive energy in yourself. In order, the condition of the metal is maintained every day.

By checking mental health online which is intended for all groups, both teenagers, adults, and even the elderly. It is hoped that people will be healthy mentally and physically.

By the way, it’s not only through that provides other mental health check services. Other sites such as satupercent net, ibunda id, and pijarpsychology also provide the same facilities. Please visit some of these sites to find out more about your current mental health. so and hopefully useful.