Galbay Akulaku? This is the Consequences – All Free95 – Akulaku users who cannot pay the proposed loan or installment may be curious about what will happen if there is a default (default) in the Akulaku application. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the consequences that will be received when consumers fail to pay Akulaku.

As a person who borrows online, sometimes someone can’t make payments for the loans they make. Many of these people are unable to pay due to the current economic factors.

Even so, as a person who applies for an online loan at Akulaku, you also have to understand the risks if you can’t pay. Therefore, you need to know what happened to you when you failed this Akulaku application. Also Read: How to Delete a Registered Akulaku Account

GalBay Akulaku?

There are several things that you will get when you fail to pay my Akulaku bill. Here we will provide information related to this.

  • First: Akulaku will call to collect the online loan that you submitted. Usually they will call 4 days before the due date.

If you don’t pay, the debtor will be called continuously by Akulaku’s collectors, the rough term is terrorized until the credit or installment + late fee is paid.

  • Secondthe threat of online debt collectors Akulaku.

Collectors should be hunting down consumers who fail to pay at Akulaku. There are various forms of collecting. But what is often done is to threaten consumers who have not paid.

Fortunately, Akulaku as an online loan application that has been registered with the OJK has not taken any unlawful actions. For example disseminating our personal information or others.

Some of the things that Akulaku debt collectors often do are threaten to go to work, come to our homes, or make calls to those closest to us. Which sometimes makes people who are in debt mentally affected.

How to Deal with a Debt Collector When You Fail to Pay Akulaku

When you are faced with debt collectors who pose threats in various ways, even though the economy you are facing is indeed unstable. Then the thing you need to do is answer in a relaxed and calm manner. Don’t be rude, because debt collectors will answer even more rudely.

If the collector threatens to go home, please answer calmly. For example ‘please come to the house, let’s have coffee’ or other words that create a fluid atmosphere of communication between debtors and collectors.

The collection party will do this for 3 months from the beginning of the due date of the debtor in the Akulaku application. Then, what happens after three months after I failed to pay, min?

Consequences of Failing to Pay Akulaku, If It Has Been Past 3 Months

Customers who cannot pay Akulaku bills within 3 months will be included in the list BLACKLIST at the Financial Services Authority. This means that he can no longer borrow legally from a loan registered with the OJK or the Bank.

People who are in debt can officially no longer apply for loans to applications or banks that are supervised by the OJK. This is because personal data has been included in the blacklist of this government-owned supervisory agency.

This is the information that we can convey regarding the risks or consequences of Galbay Akulaku. So, don’t let you not pay the debt that you previously got. Because, it will affect yourself too.

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For those of you who already have debts at Pinjol Akulaku or other online loans but are unable to pay. Please look for other income alternatives to cover the debt from this online loan.

The reason is, if you can’t afford to pay the installments or bills that are charged. So the risk faced is that they will be in debt and will be stressed for months because they face debt collectors who are generally fierce.

Basically, the presence of an application like Akulaku makes it easier for consumers to get money to buy goods that cannot be done in cash. So, please pay regularly so you don’t feel heavy because you are late paying or failing to pay at this Akulaku.