Gamesrez Dollar Earning Apk: Real Or Fake? – There have been many money-making applications, whether in the form of dollars, rupiah, or digital money. And one that has been discussed a lot is the Gamesrez apk.

Gamesrez is a website and apk that claims to make money for its users. Unmitigated users can get rewards for 50 $ just by collecting 10 thousand points only.

Well, below we will discuss specifically about this Gamesrez apk. Whether it’s an explanation, how to register, even what this application is real or fake in payment. Here is the complete information.

What is Gamesrez Dollar Earning Apk

As we explained above, Gamesrez Apk is a new site that claims to be able to make money in the form of dollars for its users.

You can get the Gamesrez application for free directly from the provider’s site, namely:

If you search for it on Google Play or the Apps Store, chances are you won’t find the Gamesrez app. Because, this is a new site that usually promotes itself by giving rewards in the form of paypal dollars.

How to Register and Create a Gamesrez APK Account

If you are interested in trying to use this application, then you can directly visit the site that we have listed above.

On the site, you will be asked to fill in your personal data, such as filling in Name, Username, Email, Password, PayPal account and others. Please fill in completely so that the process of creating a Gamesrez account is successful.

By doing the above, then you have successfully registered and created an account at Gamesrez APK that makes money 2022

How to Play on the Gamesrez App

For new users of this application, maybe you don’t know what to do to get rewards dollars in the form of paypal balances in this application. Actually, your task is quite simple, namely:

  • Download the referral app
  • Daily check-in
  • Answering surveys
  • Invite friends, etc

For each mission completed, the user will get different points, depending on the policy of the site manager. For example, on a daily log in mission, you will get 30 free points every day.

New users will also get 200 bonus points for free, which later these points will be accumulated and can be exchanged for Paypal balance.

While missions such as downloading applications will get points in the 60-70s range, for inviting friends the points you get are 200. We think the amount is quite a lot for the site with the latest 2022 paypal balance prize.

How to Withdraw at Gamesrez Dollar-Generating APK

For payment methods on this site, there are various ways that you can use, such as using Payeer, Paypal, Google Play Card, Amazon Gift Card, or in exchange for Freefire diamonds and PUBG.

So, it is highly recommended for gamers who want to get free diamonds just by using the Gamesrez apk application.

For 1000 points that you successfully collect, the user will get a dollar of 5$, which is equivalent to 70 thousand rupiah. 2000 points get 10$ or the equivalent of 140 thousand rupiah. And 10,000 points which is equivalent to 50$.

So, we only need to invite 3 friends and download 3 applications, then you can get 1000 points to exchange using the various methods we listed above.

Gamesrez Apk, Real or Fake?

Based on review some of the YouTube channels that the admin watched Games rez are indeed proven to be genuine paying, not fake applications or fake which only wants users.

However, because this is a new web or apk, we don’t know for sure in the future whether Games rez is consistent in providing rewards or not.

As a precaution, please use a second account for account creation if you are interested in using this application.

Is Gamesrez Safe to Use?

As far as we have seen, the Games rez application is quite safe to use. Moreover, there is no deposit system or providing a down payment for investment or use of this apk. So, we think he escaped the risk of scam or fraud.

That’s the information we can convey related to this dollar-producing Gamesrez apk review. We hope that some of the information we provide is useful for you.

Because, the minimum amount of easy withdrawal is to collect 1000 points for 5 dollars. We sara there’s nothing wrong if you want to try. Let’s try it right now.