GerCep Tri and Various Packages – In the month of Ramadan yesterday Tri Indonesia held various kinds of cheap quota promos that can be purchased through the Bima+ application. This cheap quota promo is also labeled with the word ‘GerCep’.

GerCep presented by Tri covers various internet packages. There are packages that are old packages that are reappeared or other packages that are priced at cheaper promos.

For those of you who want to know more about this Tri card fast, cheap sustenance promo. Let’s see the explanation that we will convey below.

What is GerCep Tri?

GerCep Tri is a cheap quota redemption promo that is presented by Tri Indonesia through the Bima application or dial code. This promo is intended for lucky Tri card prepaid loyal users.

As we explained above, this gercep tri promo does not apply to all Tri number users. But only certain users are lucky to get a promo for redeeming cheap quota packages provided by Tri.

Gercep Tri’s cheap internet packages also vary. From weekly and monthly internet quota. Customers who are lucky to get this fast package promo can maximize this opportunity to redeem it.

Various GerCep Tri Packages

There are various kinds of tri-gercep packages that customers can get, from 20GB, 25GB, up to 117GB, where the price listed is much cheaper than the regular price.

Gercep Tri 25GB Package

Gercep Tri 25GB is one of the promo offers presented by Tri Indonesia. You can redeem this package at a price of IDR 25,000 for a quota of 25GB.

Some Tri numbers also offer different prices for this 25GB Gercep Tri quota. Because how many numbers are given a promo at a price of 29 thousand rupiah. While the normal price is IDR 95,000.

For those of you who want to know information about the Tri 25Gb package at a price of 25 thousand, we have summarized it completely in the article we published earlier. Please check via the following link: Tri package link 25gb 25k

Gercep Tri 20GB 5RB Package

Besides the Gercep tri 25gb, there is also another package promo with the label ‘Gercep’ in it. The package is Tri 20GB 5 thousand. This is a package with a large quota that you can use for a week or commonly known as the Tri weekly quota.

Unlike the Tri 25GB 25K promo above, which can be used 24 hours for 30 days. This Gercep 25gb tri imposes restrictions on access to use. Where 6gb can be used for 24 full hours without limit. As for the other 16GB only valid from 01.00 – 09.00 (night package).

For those of you who are interested in buying this package. You can read the complete information, via the link that we have embedded below (Link tri package 20gb 5k 7days). Because we have provided both, how to register, check quotas, and so on.

Gercep Tri 117GB Package

Finally, there is a package promo with the GarCep label which has recently appeared. This Tri big quota internet package is an old package with a normal price of Rp. 117,000, with the time division in it.

Because this package is currently holding a package promotion, you can redeem this 117GB Tri package cheaply for only 85 thousand. with a relatively long active period of 1 month \ 30 days.

To get it, you can check directly on the Bima+ application in the promo section. For lucky Tri numbers, you can enjoy this fast, cheap redemption quota at a price that fits in your pocket.

Gercep Tri Promo Until When?

Until this article was made, there is no valid information that says when this cheap redeem fast promo ends. Because, there are new packages promoted by Tri Indonesia for you to use.

In fact, some users who previously got the 25GB fast promo 25 thousand, in the last few days there were those who got another fast promo, namely 117GB 85 thousand for 30 days. So, we can’t confirm when the Tri card cheap redemption promo will be.

That’s the information we can convey related to Gercep Tri. I hope the little information that we provide above is useful for all of you. Especially loyal users of card 3. That’s all and hopefully useful.