Get Free M3U IPTV URL Multiple Channels

Watching TV shows and movies can be done easily through video sharing services like Youtube, but what about live TV shows? Of course it is not always available on the internet and maybe only on some TV websites that provide it.

But with IPTV, you can watch live TV broadcasts easily and anywhere through your cellphone. All it takes is IPTV servers and also internet connection. No need to subscribe to expensive TV packages, because you can use IPTV for free.

There are premium IPTV service providers that provide lots of channels, even complete in all countries, and the prices are also friendly. But this article will share a free IPTV server or URL that provides lots of channels and of course TV broadcasts are available in Indonesia.

Share IPTV URL Free Multiple Channels

More or less in total 500+ channels available in almost all countries. All of that can be enjoyed for free. Here is the URL:

Because the URL is very long, so I use bitly to shorten the URL. There are lowercase and uppercase letters in the URL above, so don’t make a mistake so that the entire channel can load properly.

Possibly every week there is an update to the contents of M3U URL above, and the source of the free IPTV link is from Github IPTV-Org. So the BlogSecond website does not have any ties and only intends to share it.

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How to Use IPTV URLs?

Julybe you still don’t understand how to use it. Obviously this requires the IPTV Player application and you can get it on the Play Store. After that, just type the URL above on the IPTV Server Host in the application.

Using IPTV Free

Wait until the channel loading is complete and enjoy watching TV shows around the world for free. There are times when a channel doesn’t work or just appears blank black, the IPTV server is probably medium down and had to wait a while for it to be fixed.

How to Get Premium IPTV for Free

You also have the opportunity to get premium IPTV for free. That is by registering trial access or free trial. Usually they will provide a free period to try the service for 1 to 3 days.

Free Premium IPTV Service Trial Access

There are various Premium IPTV services that provide trial access, all of which can be searched on Google. Usually Premium IPTV services are of higher quality, from clear video resolutions and also support more channels that can be watched.

Hopefully useful and good luck