Google Form Test Link – Google Form test is a test that aims to find out how much you like Japanese things. Be it, food, tradition, travel and anime.

In the maternity test on Google Forms, there are various kinds of questions that you need to solve with various points on each question that the participants managed to answer correctly.

Well, below we will provide a link to the wibu test in the docs google form format. So, participants find it easier to get questions and provide answers to find out how busy you are now.

However, before going to the link for the vaginal exam on this google form, you need to know what WBU is first. In order not to be mistaken with the term that is often associated with this Japanese cartoon series (anime).

What is WIBU

The word ‘Wibu’ itself is an absorption from the English word ‘Weaboo’. This word, has the meaning of non-Japanese people who have an excessive obsession with all things Japan (Japan).

A wibu, act as if they are Japanese living there. He feels that he understands all kinds of things about Japan and does not focus on just one field. For example, the Naruto anime.

It should be noted, people who like to watch anime can’t actually be called ‘Wibu’. Because, this word has a broader meaning than just one subject. However, still, anime is one of the things that is included in it.

Google Forms Ordinary Test

Here is a Google Form link to test someone’s authority. So, in the link that we have provided, there are questions and parameters in the form of points to see how much Wibu a person is.

So please answer honestly to know if you are really a weasel or not. This is because the test which uses the format requires honesty for the participants.

  • The link for the maternal test via google form: Check Here!
  • Another webu test link:

That’s the information we can convey related to this google form test. please answer honestly to know whether you are really acute webu or not.

After working on the questions listed in the google form file about whether or not you test wibu, we will get answers with parameter points in each answer.

The more points you get, the more signifies that you are truly a weasel. On the other hand, if your points are few and only focus on one area, then you are not called a true weasel. Thank you and hopefully useful.