Happy Hours Event, Transfer Get 200 Thousand Coins at Shopee

Portalsitaro.com – Shopee is again holding a new event for its loyal users. This time a transfer event appears in the Shopee application with rewards which is quite large, namely 200 thousand coins.

This 200 thousand Shopee transfer event allows users to get this amount of coins 15 times a day. You can find this coin reward at the Happy Hours event of the Shopee application.

So what is Shopee’s Happy Hours event, how do you participate in it? To answer this question, below we will provide an explanation related to this. Please read this article to the end to know the full details.

Happy Hours Event at Shopee

Happy Hours is an event organized by the Shopee application for its loyal customers. This event can be followed by new and old users of this leading marketplace application in Indonesia.

Users who take part in this event have the opportunity to get 200 thousand coins 15 times a day just by transferring the balance. Users need to transfer ShopePay balances to other Shopee users within the specified time.

Not all Happy Hours Shopee get rewards the same one. There are certain hours that reward 2x Shopee coins which you can use for various needs. Good shopping, payments, bills and others.

Coins will be distributed to Shopee application users who comply with the terms & conditions of holding this Happy Hours event. For information on this, please check the following article. Also Read: Transfer Get 100 Thousand Shopee, Want?

Happy Hours Terms and Conditions at Shopee

Here are some things that Shopee users need to know regarding the event that rewards 200 thousand shopee coins 15 times a day.

  • ShopeePay Happy Hours promo is held during the period 30 July – 8 July
  • ShopeePay Happy Hours promo consists of 8x sessions except on July 30 and July 6, which consists of 15x the number of sessions.
  • The ShopeePay Happy Hours promo is only valid for fellow ShopeePay users. No minimum transfer at certain times.
  • Users have the opportunity to get a bonus of 100,000 shopee coins every certain hour.
  • Especially at 10.00 WIB and 17.00 WIB every even date, the number of coins obtained will be doubled.
  • Coins are credited automatically to the user’s account, after the user successfully ‘Claim Reward’.
  • Users can only participate in 1x promo for 1 hour.
  • Users who are entitled to participate in the Happy Hours event are those who already have the latest version of the Shopee application (OS & iOS).

Those are the terms and conditions that Shopee users need to know to be able to take part in the transfer event to get 200 thousand at Shopee. Please understand the writing above so you don’t make a mistake when following it.

How to get 200 thousand coins on Shopee

As we have described above, so you have the opportunity to get 200 thousand free shope coins. Users need to transfer between other ShopeePay users. How, please check below:

  • First open the Shopee app account
  • Then, click the ShopeePay balance menu
  • Then click the Transfer option
  • After that, users will be directed to the transfer process to fellow ShopeePay users.
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer and make sure the transaction is successful.

Notes: Minimum transfer between ShopeePay is 1 rupiah.

That’s the information we can convey related to the happy hours transfer event, shopeePay, get 200 free coins from Shopee. Please join this event so that you have the opportunity to get the coin commission provided.

You can find the schedule for giving free coins to the Shopee application on the Happy Hours Menu. Please see the coin giving times until this event is finished. That’s all and good luck.