Here’s How to Access Anonymous Chat on Telegram

There are lots of BOT services on Telegram that have different uses. The service is made by the user, and not from Telegram. One of the most popular BOTs is Anonymous Chat.

Anonymous Chat is a service that allows you to have conversations with other people (random). And best of all, they won’t be able to know your name or the Telegram username you’re using unless you give it to the chat.

Many people are still curious about how the BOT works. So this article was created to help users to access Anonymous Chat, so they can try to have conversations with unknown people.

How to Access Anonymous Chat?

For now there are two types of BOT that you can try. The first is Anonymous Talk Botand the second one is Anynomous Chat. Both have differences from the icon, while the way to use it is still the same.

1. Anonymous Talk Bot

You can search for username @TalkBot on Telegram. This BOT has a mask profile photo with a background black. And after you find it, just press the button START. And then the procedure will appear.

For the first time, please write /lang in the chat, and after that write again Indonesia. This is intended so that Indonesian people will be met at the conversation.

After that, you can type /join to start joining a room. And now you have connected with a random Indonesian user. Please say anything, they will definitely respond.

2. Anonymous Chat

If the first one is more directed to the room (many people). While this BOT will only connect you to one random person. You can find it by searching for username @anonxbot. His profile picture is a mask with a background white.

How to Access Anonymous Chat on Telegram

Once found, just click the button START. And to search for random people, just type /search. Then just wait a few moments, later you will connect with someone and can immediately chat.

You can also select other people by typing /next. Or even leave it by typing /stop.

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You can access Anonymous Chat just for fun. Most people do this just because they are peat just. And also very suitable for those of you who need someone to talk to at a certain time.

And a little more, that these two BOT services present users real or real human. So it’s not a robot you’re talking to. If you have any other questions regarding this, please feel free to comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck