Here’s How to Add Reminders to Windows Calendar

Sometimes we forget an upcoming event if we don’t record it right away, even though it’s been recorded on the calendar at home, but no one reminds it, so in the end you miss the event due to forgetting.

But in this modern era, you can record the event and add a reminder only via calendar app just. Both on a smartphone or on a computer, you can do it, so you will be constantly reminded by the system so you don’t miss or forget the event.

On a Windows computer or laptop, you can add reminders or events according to a predetermined date. Then later when that day has arrived, you will get an immediate notification when you open the computer/laptop.

Tutorial on Creating Reminders in Windows Calendar

Here I will share the easiest way to create reminders in Windows calendar. Please read and follow the steps below:

  1. Please click on the date/time on the toolbar.

  2. Then click on the date according to the schedule of the event to be created.

  3. Then click option Show Agenda.

    Click Date to Create Event

  4. In column Add an event or reminder please change it to the name of the event to be created.

    Adding Event Reminders in Windows

  5. After that additional options will appear such as reminder hours and also location, please fill in.

  6. When done, click the button Save to save it.

    Saving Created Events

  7. Done, the reminder has been successfully added to the calendar.

The method above is the fastest way, but if you need to set some other options, please open the application called Calendar. Later you will find events that have been created and can be directly transferred from there.

And in addition to the tutorial above if the column “Add an event or reminder” does not appear, please first click the option Show agenda. Later, the column will appear and you can continue with the steps above.

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Deleting Event Reminders in Calendar

To delete it can only be done through the application Calendar just. So please enter the application first, then click on the date of the event that was created.

Select Events on Windows Calendar

After that click on the event to be deleted. And to start deleting it, please click the button Wipethen click on options Delete Event.

Deleting Event Reminders in Windows Calendar

Instantly the event will be deleted immediately, but actually it doesn’t matter even if you save it for the future, aka the event that has been created doesn’t need to be deleted. Because the data will be stored in the application Calendar only and won’t overwhelm the computer even if you save a lot of events.

Hopefully useful and good luck