Here’s How to Redeem Gift Cards on Tokopedia

Tokopedia provides a Gift Card feature that is useful for sending gifts in the form of point balances. This feature is perfect for those of you who don’t have enough time to buy a gift, for example for someone’s birthday, so you can buy it instantly using a Tokopedia Gift Card.

If you receive a gift card, of course you will get a message from Tokopedia, either from an email or an SMS containing a code. Well, you can get the code redeem (exchange) to take the prize in it.

The exchange process is also very easy, and in this article I will explain how to do it. To be sure, the gift card code that you receive should be stored properly and do not give it to others.

How to Redeem Gift Card Codes on Tokopedia

  1. Go to the Tokopedia Gift Card page.

  2. Click on button Redeem Gift Card.

    Click the Redeem Gift Card button

  3. Then write the gift card code in the column provided.

    Writing Redeem Code

  4. And click the button Cek Kode Gift Card.

  5. Then the nominal will appear, and continue clicking the button Gunakan Sekarang.

    How to Redeem Gift Cards on Tokopedia

  6. Done, the gift card has been successfully claimed.

After the code has been successfully redeemed, the balance will be directly entered into your Tokopedia account in the form of a OVO Points. You can spend those points to buy items on Tokopedia and pay for many other things at various sites merchant OVO.

Meanwhile, if a notification appears that Invalid gift card code, so I suggest contacting Tokopedia’s support service for help. There may be a temporary system error that makes the code unredeemable at that time.

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How to Get Free Gift Cards on Tokopedia?

You have the opportunity to get a Gift Card worth 20,000 rupiah by saving a minimum of 500,000 rupiah in Mutual Funds at Tokopedia. This promo can end at any time and be replaced with other promos.

One drawback with the Gift Card feature on Tokopedia in my opinion is that the claimed balance can only be received in the form of OVO Points, it should be claimed as OVO Cash so that it can be spent without any restrictions.

Because currently OVO Points can only be used a maximum of 50% of the total points owned to pay for a product. This provision applies from around the end of 2022, and hopefully in the future this provision can be changed again so that OVO Points can be spent 100% without any restrictions.

Hopefully useful and good luck