Here’s How to Report Annoying Facebook Groups

A Facebook group aims to build a community of something that matches someone’s interests. So that they can communicate and establish a closer relationship with the same interests. But not all groups look like that.

As for a group that was only founded to spread disturbing things. Examples are elements of fake news, sara sentences, fraud, and others. Of course, this type of group violates Facebook’s community rules or standards and is at risk of being deleted.

If you find such a group, you can report it to Facebook for review. As long as the group actually violates the provisions, Facebook will certainly not hesitate to delete it immediately and will no longer be accessible.

How to Report a Disturbing Facebook Group?

By reporting a group that violates Facebook’s terms, you are helping many people with the negative content it contains. And due to the large number of users using mobile devices, the tutorial below can be done through the Facebook application on mobile phones.

  1. Open the group you want to report.

  2. Tap the button three dot option at the top right.

    Tap Option Three Dots

  3. A dialog will appear, select an option Report.

    Select Report Options

  4. Then select the type of violation in the group.

    Selecting the Group Offense Type

  5. Then tap on options Report Group.

    Reporting a Disturbing Facebook Group

  6. Done, you have successfully reported it.

    Report Submitted Successfully

One day you will get an update from Facebook whether the group is actually violating or not. Even if it violates, it will be immediately deleted from the system and everyone including the admin of the group will not be able to access it again.

Can a deleted Facebook group still be active again?

The answer is DEPENDS. Because group admins can still appeal the group. But the chance to get the group active again is very small and almost impossible.

Unless there is a technical error that causes the group to be deleted without a clear element, then by making an appeal the group will certainly be able to live again.

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Public groups or privacy violations can be reported to Facebook for further review. But also make sure that you are not abusing the feature to report this. And all reports will usually get a response within a few days, the fastest is 24 hours.

If you are a group admin, it’s a good idea to make rules to prevent violations from occurring. For example, members may not upload content that smells of sara or use dirty/forbidden words. That way, the group will be safe and not be deleted by Facebook.

Hopefully useful and good luck