Here’s How to Run a Program in Sandbox Mode

Some of us may be eager to try strange things on computers that might pose a risk. One of them is to try a program that is downloaded from a site that is not trusted or not officialand we are afraid of infection in the program.

Can we run malicious programs without having to activate an antivirus? The answer is can. Although this is not recommended, users can anticipate malicious programs if they want to do a lot of things to system files. That is with sandbox mode.

What is Sandbox Mode?

In the world of antivirus, this mode is used to run suspicious programs so that they can never change anything on the system side. Most antivirus programs have implemented a sandbox mode, but unfortunately the features are so minimal that users can’t fully analyze it.

When entering the sandbox mode, the program will no longer be able to move. Because the program seems to run in a virtual space, where its functionality cannot penetrate the original place. So, you are free to install any program in sandbox mode, because when you exit that mode, the installed program will disappear completely.

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Best Program to Run Sandbox Mode

There are many programs that can help users to run a program in sandbox mode. One of the most popular is Deep Freeze whose function is to restore all computer data to its original state after the device is installed.restart.

But apart from that, there is also an equally good program called Sandboxie. The advantages of Sandboxie are numerous and the sandbox mode on offer is fantastic. Until now there is no program that can fool the sandbox mode found in Sandboxie. Here’s an illustration.

Sandboxie Program Illustration

Illustration –

How to Run a Program in Sandbox Mode?

For the easiest way, this article chooses to use Sandboxie as a tutorial. And Sandboxie itself is a free program like WinRar, so even if there is a notification telling you to buy it, you just need to close the notification, because all of its functionality will still work.

Please Click here to download the Sandboxie program. The size is very small, not even up to 5 MB. If you have Sandboxie installed, here’s how to use it.

  1. Right click on a program or shortcuts which will run in sandbox mode.

  2. Choose an option Run Sandboxed.

    How to Use Sandboxie

  3. A dialog will appear, select as DefaultBoxand click the button OK.

    How to Use Sandboxie

  4. And finally the program has been run in sandbox mode. To be sure, please highlight in the corner, it will definitely appear yellow.

    How to Use Sandboxie

How to View Incoming Data in Sandboxie?

As in the illustration above, Sandboxie stores data on a special drive so that it doesn’t spread in all directions like the system. If you want to see what data is coming in, it’s very easy. Just open Sandboxie, click the tab View then select Files and Folders.

Viewing Data Saved on Sandboxie

Then all the files that go into any drive will appear, including “C” though. From here you can analyze the program that was opened earlier.

Deleting All Data Stored on Sandboxie

If you use a program like Deep Freezeerasing data can only be performed after the device isrestart. Whereas in Sandboxie, you can delete data directly by pressing the Sandboxie icon on the tray icon then go to DefaultBox > Delete Contents.

Deleting Data on Sandboxie

After that the program window will appear and display the calculation of the file, and to continue the deletion process, simply press the button Delete Contents and Done.

Deleting Data on Sandboxie

Is Antivirus Still Needed?

Be aware that Sandoxie will only run a program in sandbox mode and nothing more. So protection from antivirus is still needed. In addition, if you want to analyze a suspicious program, it is also okay to disable the antivirus temporarily.

So after analyzing and exiting in sandbox mode, you can turn on the antivirus again. Because after all, all viruses are dangerous and computers still need to have an antivirus installed to strengthen protection against Windows Defender.

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In sandbox mode, the program can read the system, but cannot write. Or in other words what will be created by a program, will be transferred to a virtual drive that is completely safe and quarantined.

Sandboxie also has a paid feature that allows you to open multiple programs at once in sandbox mode. This is perfect for those of you who often open programs that are downloaded from untrusted places every day.

And one thing that a lot of people love about Sandboxie is that it can run programs with “Run as Administrator“, which features like this are rarely found in the sandbox mode found in antiviruses.

Hopefully useful and good luck