Here’s How to Test Keyboard Typing Speed

Have you ever thought about being able to find out how fast your fingers are typing on the keyboard? Is it faster than others, or is it still below average. But actually you can know it online.

So there is a useful website to find out the speed of typing on the keyboard. Not just one website, but actually there are many. Some of it support Indonesianand the rest is only devoted to English.

The workings of the website that will be shared in this article are slightly different. Some have to keep typing for up to 1 minute, some have to finish the sentence first, and so on. But in the end you will be able to know the results of your typing speed.

Immediately, here are some websites to test keyboard typing speed:

1. 10FastFingers

Keyboard Typing Speed ‚Äč‚ÄčTest

This site offers Indonesian to test typing speed. So you only need to type each word that is displayed into the column below it. Each time you press the space bar, the typed word will be sent, whether it is true or false, which will be judged in the end.

So that after 1 minute has passed, the results of the typing speed will appear. You can also save or share the results on social media.

Apart from that, there are several more modes available on this site, such as multiplayer mode or advanced mode (1000 words).

2. ThePracticeTest

Site Overview Test Typing Speed

This one is fairly simple, but the good part is that it supports Indonesian and users can choose how many words they want to type. There are 60 words, up to 200 words, just choose what you want.

During the typing process, the accuracy level will be displayed below it. But when all the words have been typed, a dialog will appear showing the accuracy results when typing. You can save it as a screenshot or share it on social media from the options provided.

Overall, the site ThePracticeTest will only give you a random paragraph that you can directly type in the column next to it. All activities will be recorded at the bottom, including the correct word, or the wrong word.

3. TypeRacer

Fast Typing Keyboard

Different from the others, TypeRacer provides a place to compete quickly in typing. There are more or less 4 slots for people who take part in the racing competition, where the first one finishes completing the paragraph, that’s the winner.

This site also provides an Indonesian language option, but the difference from the others is that there are symbols that must be typed, such as quotation marks, brackets, and so on.

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Apart from the three sites above, there are actually a lot of similar sites. But I chose the three above because it has a high level of popularity. Julybe the result or value of typing speed on each site will be differentthat’s because the system applied is different.

Do you have any additions regarding the website to test other keyboard typing speed? If you have one and feel the website is worth a try, please share it in the comments column.

Hopefully useful and good luck