Hex Editor App for PC and How to Use It

Already know about Hex Editor? It is a tool used for data transfer and memory management. But some people use it more often to redirect a file in binary type.

For example, such as editing a text to a file with EXE format or format executable the other without being damaged. And on Windows computers, you can do that with the help of a program called HxD.

HxD is a free Hex Editor program for Windows that has quite a lot of features. And in this article, I want to show you a few ways to use this program to redirect files in binary form.

Download Program HxD Hex Editor

This program is always updated every year in order to add new features and fix any errors in the previous version. When this article was written, this program was last updated in July 2022. You can download it for free by visiting the HxD Download Page.

Since the last update, this program is compatible and can be used properly on Windows 10 OS. For its features, there are no problems at all, aka everything works.

How to Use the HxD Program

As I said above, here I will share briefly how to edit files in binary form. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Open the HxD program.

  2. Click option File > Open.

  3. Then select the file you want to edit.

  4. Now you can switch a text to a section Decoded Text.

    Using the HxD Hex Editor Program

  5. If you feel you have, please click on the option File > Save as.

    Saving Files in HxD Hex Editor

  6. A dialog will appear. Please give the file a new name to save it.

Any text you write in the Decoded Text, will be converted into binaries automatically. But also know that it’s just a little wrong to change something value can also make the file corrupt and unusable.

The final word

The HxD Hex Editor program has many features and is not only used to transfer a file. The interface of this program is also very simple, which makes it easy for users to operate various things. Such as searching text, exporting or importing, checksumetc.

The program also includes a feature to check for updates. It is in the Help > Find Updates. That way, you will never miss a new version.

Hopefully useful and good luck