How Alight Motion Doesn’t Lag 2022

Who is not familiar with this popular application of the Pause Jedug preset.

This application is often used for editing pauses on tiktok. The rival itself is the Capcut application.

These two applications have advantages in each of their respective applications.

Well this time what we will discuss is the alight motion application. This application is most widely used by users, including those who like to edit pauses, presets, etc.

This application is indeed loved by many users with interesting features in this application.

This application is often used for various editing pauses. Even if the file is large, this application may lag, or can be said to be broken, or stuck in traffic.

So, how do you overcome this so that the Alight Motion application is not broken or stuck.


Editing applications are indeed sometimes because we use or use them often, the system of the application is sometimes a little slower. What’s more for creators who edit in this Alightmotion application.

It can be said that there are too many video components that we have made in the application.

And it could be that many applications are open on your cellphone, so make sure that what we open is only the Alightmotion application, friend.

Which could be the inability of the cellphone to run the components in the application

To solve this, you can just press and hold the alightmotion application, then select application info, then click on the application settings section. And my friend can delete the count data that is in the application.

The second one, my friend, can try deleting the files we used to edit, usually they will be in the memory of our cellphone, friend.


Android versions that do not support or cellphone specifications that are unable to load components that work in the application.

The cause of alight motion lag is that the cellphone version is not able to accommodate and work optimally in the application.

It could be that the most common cause is insufficient ram.

To solve this, you can open it in your cellphone settings. Then you can update it in the menu section of the Android software.

If there is a menu that recommends updating the Android software, please update it for the Android version.

Tips for friends so that Alight Motion doesn’t lag, you can use a higher Android version. In order to run smoothly, use the Alight Motion application.

The android version also affects this application to be stuck or broken because the cellphone is not able to work optimally with an android version that does not support it.

Also try to use a cellphone with a high RAM version, friend. This also affects the alight motion application to be stuck, stuck and broken.

Steps to overcome things that can make your alight motion application slow or broken.

1.Clear Cache on ALIGHT MOTION APP

Every activity in the application will definitely leave cache or garbage in the application. How to clear the cache can be done in a short way.

First press and hold the alightmotion application. Then select the application info and enter its settings.

Select the clear cache menu where we only delete the cache, not delete the files in the application.


reducing the fps in the alight motion application will also support this application to run smoothly and well. while this fps makes the video smoother because the higher the fbs, this application will work stronger and can cause alight motion to break and lag.


This is also an incentive so that the alight motion application does not lag and the path is broken. you also need to know this to produce high-quality video exports. This can also reduce the strength of this alightmotion application to work within the application,

That’s the discussion on how to make Alight Motion not lag, the latest 2022, I hope what I say is useful. Thank you and Wasalm