How Go-Jek Works, Services & Details About Go-Jek

Go-jek is a new and extraordinary breakthrough in dealing with congestion in big cities in Indonesia such as JABODETABEK, Bandung, Bali, Surabaya and does not rule out the possibility of expanding its wings in other big cities in Indonesia. Although in the early days there were many rivalries and controversies about this go-jek, but the fact is that now more and more people are fond of go-jek and amazingly more and more are willing to apply for jobs to become this go-jek driver.

With a myriad of activities and high mobility in the people of the capital city and other big cities in Indonesia, this is what inspired the emergence of Gojek as a transportation solution that is safe, easy and effective, of course, in reducing the level of congestion because it is clear that congestion is a big obstacle. The number of vehicle growth that is not balanced with the increase in roads certainly makes traffic jams even worse.

Nadiem Makarim then created Go-Jek, a pick-up service with modern motorbike taxis based on orders and in a friendly time it will launch online, wow, it’s cool ordering a motorbike taxi is as easy as ordering a pizza delivery order. Nadiem are some of the people who have tasted the effectiveness of the motorcycle taxi. PT. Go-Jek Indonesia, which has been through its journey since 2011, now has thousands of fleets in the big cities I mentioned above. Not only benefiting the company, this go-jek also helps professional motorcycle taxi drivers improve their standard of living. Ok, I will discuss the advantages of Go-Jek compared to the usual similar-Ojek mode first.

Safe and Modern Ojeks
Go-Jek is a conducive and modern transportation solution. Nadiem’s ​​motorcycle taxi is known as a modern and professional motorcycle taxi. Why say modern and very professional. This is influenced by the selectiveness of companies that only get professional motorcycle taxis and more modern motorcycle taxis that are equipped with GPS features. With this GPS feature, the position of the motorcycle taxi can be directly monitored via a smartphone. This modern concept of Go-Jek can also be seen from the method of payment by credit (My Wallet).

On the security side, Go-Jek can be said to be the safest ojek because for almost 4 years this Go-Jek has not been identified as a criminal or involved in serious regulatory problems. The drivers from gojek or ojek drivers are also experienced and have a driving license as one of the criteria for hiring gojek employees. The Go-Jek driver is also equipped with an official uniform in the form of a jacket and helmet with a picture of the Go-Jek company identity.

You don’t have to worry about being trapped and deceived or afraid of criminal acts by gojek actors or employees, because you yourself can recognize the driver who arrives to pick you up, who was previously informed of his identity when you ordered Go-Jek. With motorbikes and equipment that guarantees traffic safety, of course Go-Jek wants the convenience and services provided to satisfy consumers.

Innovative Go-Jek Service Level
Like motorcycle taxis in general, this gojek activity also has Go-Jek’s main service, which is to take passengers to their destination. However, in addition to delivering passengers, some of the advantages of Go-Jek also serve several services, namely, instant courier services and food ordering services, shopping, tickets and so on (shopping service). Now, the services provided by gojek are very complete, it’s like you want to buy something but are lazy because it rains or doesn’t care at night, all you have to do is call the gojek customer and this gojek will go to your area and buy the shopping needs you want which will be delivered to your home you.

Specifically for shopping services, Go-Jek only serves purchases under Rp. 1 million. To find out the nearest Go-Jek fares and bases that you will order, you can find out by accessing the Go-Jek website (

Go-Jek ordering is easier
So if you want to travel or order an ojek in general, you need to meet an ojek and then ask them to take you to the place you want to go. The advantage of this go-jek is that you don’t need to leave the house, just order via the hotline or you can go through the go-jek application launched by the Google play store and you will be given your destination fare and if you agree, the motorbike taxi will go to your location. Gojek service is getting easier because the Go-Jek application from Google Play or the Play Store was officially launched in early July 2022 yesterday.

To activate the application, after downloading you must register your email and phone number. After that you can start ordering Go-Jek. The Go-Jek application itself since its launch has now been downloaded 15,000 times and has served 25% of the total customers.

Those are some of the advantages of Gojek and I will continue how it works and services and how to register to become a Go-Jek like I quoted directly from the GO-JEK site or you can read it right here.

How do I order or use GO-JEK’s services?
Previously, make sure you have downloaded the gojek service available on the Google Playstore and registered yourself to be able to access all the services from this gojek. Enter your address to find out the cost of using the service. Use the ‘Use my location’ service to direct the Driver to your area. This is to mark your GPS or location with the nearest go-jek to your location. If you deal with the given rate, the nearest go-jek driver from your location will come to your house. And what will make you more secure and comfortable is that you can view Driver photos, send SMS and also call the assigned Go-Jek driver or closer to your location.

How and where can you download the GO-JEK application?
In addition to hotline or telephone services exclusively, you will find it easier to use all services from PT GO-JEK Indonesia by downloading the Go-Jek application online. The GO-JEK application for iOS and Android can be accessed via

What are the advantages of the GO-JEK application service?
You will be given the convenience of ordering a gojek and customer service will process your order faster and will help you if you encounter difficulties. Another innovative service you can live track your Driver and pay with GO-JEK Credit.

Which areas are served by GO-JEK?
As I explained in the opening paragraph, until now (this information was written) Go-Jek services cover the Jakarta JABODETABEK area, Bandung, Surabaya, and Bali. And in the future, based on various credible sources, GO-JEK is projected to be able to serve other big cities throughout Indonesia.

What is GO-JEK Credit service?
Go-Jek payment services can be done with an online service, namely Go-Jek Credit. Go-jek credit basically or the easy way is like your bank’s ATM in general, credit will be reduced for your shopping needs. Just like Go-Jek credit, which will be reduced to pay for all Go-Jek services, the difference is that Go-Jek credit cannot be cashed or disbursed. So that Go-Jek credit can only be used for Go-Jek service purposes. Go-Jek’s system will automatically debit your credit to pay for the services used. To check how many credits you have, click MY WALLET in the GO-JEK application. If you do not have enough credit to pay for the service, the rest cannot be paid in cash. Immediately do Top Up or pay cash.

How to Top Up? or fill in go jek credit
To check your debit or “your money is in your credit go-jek balance” Open MY WALLET and click on the ‘TOP UP’ or top-up button. To top up my wallet on the go-jek service, you can transfer it to BCA Account No. 524 032 7068 (Minimum IDR 100,000) then fill in the Top Up form below the filling procedure. After we validate, your GO-JEK Credit will be added automatically to your MY WALLET.

How to show rating for Driver?
PT Go-Jek is very concerned about the quality of service from their drivers, this aims to further improve Go-Jek’s performance in the future in satisfying customers or users. Now to provide a rating or review about the driver or Gojek service that you usually use, you can automatically provide a rating to the Driver. Go-Jek staff will take customer service very seriously, so it’s important for you to show a fair and honest rating. You can leave a more detailed message in the comments form.

How to change Email address and phone number in app?
Open the SETTINGS feature then click PROFILE. Here, you can change your name, email address and phone number. If you have registered your number via Call Center and want to start placing orders via the application, then enter the same number into the registration process after downloading.

How to use GO-JEK Shopping? Is there a nominal spending limit?
GO-JEK can help you shop anything and from anywhere in JABODETABEK. Monthly shopping, electronics, concert tickets, cinema tickets, medicine, we can buy anything. The maximum spending nominal limit is Rp. 1,000,000 with the condition that the purchases can still be transported by motorbike. The cost of purchasing groceries is paid in cash, not with GO-JEK Credit.

Is there insurance?
This is the advantage of go-jek compared to motorcycle taxis in general. You will get insurance from the go-jek service. For items lost during the trip or the use of Gojek driver services, they will cover your losses up to Rp. 2,000,000. For accidents, GO-JEK will send a representative for document & evidence processing. GO-JEK also helps pay the appropriate medical expenses.

What is GO-FOOD and how do you use the service?
GO-FOOD is another innovative feature in the GO-JEK application. GO-FOOD shows customers the convenience of food delivery services. Currently, GO-FOOD is only available in Jakarta and Bandung. In this Gojek application, there is a database of 15,000 restaurant data whose menus can be accessed via the GO-JEK application. Click the GO-FOOD feature to determine the culinary category you want. You can also click ‘Near Me’ to find the restaurant that is closest to you.

When choosing from the menu, you can use the ‘add note’ feature to clarify your order, for example: dry fried, not spicy, no fried onions etc. Please note that the prices listed on GO-FOOD are assumed prices and make sure you pay according to the bill. Our drivers cover culinary purchases of up to Rp. 1,000,000 with the condition that the total food purchased can still be transported by motorbike. Culinary purchases are paid in cash, not with GO-JEK Credit.

If your favorite restaurant is not on the list, you can suggest it to us by writing the name of the restaurant in the ‘Suggest a Restaurant/Warung’ feature – meanwhile, we can still buy the food you want using the Shopping service.

How to register a restaurant to GO-FOOD?
Send an email to: [email protected] with your name, telephone number, restaurant name and type of cuisine. Representatives from GO-FOOD will contact you soon.

Well, it’s very detailed about this go-jek service, and also read our other articles about how to register as a go-jek driver. Hopefully useful and thanks for visiting.