How Long Does Shopee Express Instant Delivery Take? This is the answer – Buyers in the application that use the method of delivery of goods using Shopee Express may have asked questions such as, how long does Shopee Express Instant delivery take?

In the Shopee Express expedition in the Shopee application, there are various types of goods delivery services. Among others are Standard, Sameday, Instant, and also Economical.

This Shopee Express delivery service has its own characteristics, both in payment, delivery time duration, maximum weight, packaging period and maximum delivery process from the courier to the destination location.

Well, because in this article we are focusing on discussing Shopee Express Instant delivery times. So, below we will give a complete explanation related to this type. So, please read until you understand about this Instant Shopee Express.

What is Shopee Express Instant?

Shopee Express Instant is a type of goods delivery service in the Shopee application which is included in the Shopee Express category.

This item delivery service is the fastest service because it only takes a maximum of 3 hours from the time the item arrives at the delivery office or Shopee partner in the district or city where you live.

Buyers who use this Shopee Express Instant delivery service, so they don’t have to wait long for the goods to arrive at their destination.

Here is more information related to Shopee Express Instant:

  • A maximum of 3 hours delivery time from the time the item is picked up.
  • The maximum weight carried is 20 kg.
  • The maximum dimensions of the goods are 50x50x50cm.
  • 1 day shipping.
  • Shopee courier delivery.
  • Only selected stores can use this service.

How Long Does Shopee Express Instant Delivery Take?

As we explained above, the delivery time after the goods are received by the courier is 3 hours. With various details and conditions that we have explained above.

If you buy goods here, then at least you need to wait until the goods are packed, delivered to the destination city, then delivered to your home. To be able to get what you bought.

Packaging time, the duration of delivery of goods to the destination city, takes time that cannot be determined. Because, the distance also determines the speed of delivery. However, what is certain is that from the courier to the buyer it takes a maximum of 3 hours.

How to Track Instant Shopee Express Packages

For those of you who can’t wait to see the progress of the delivery of the goods you have purchased through Shopee Express Instant, then you can use the method below.

  • First, please note or copy the package receipt number in the Shopee application.
  • Next, the site page
  • Enter the receipt number into the column provided.
  • Click ‘trace’ or ‘search’ to display the details of the whereabouts of the package.
  • Done

This SPX site does not only apply to Shopee Express Instant services. But also other types of services such as Standard, Sameday, and also Save. please use this site to check your package.

Customer Service (CS) Shopee Express

If you encounter a delivery problem when you use the Shopee Express Instant service. Then you can contact customer service provided by Shopee. The information is as follows:

  • Phone Number: (021) 1500702
  • Website page:
  • Shope App: Live Chat
  • Site:

You can choose whichever method is the most simple and easy to address shipping problems. So, use several service methods contact Shopee above so that your problem is quickly resolved.

That’s the information we can convey related to the answer how long does shopee express instant delivery take?. Hopefully the little information we provide is useful and adds to your insight.

If there are still problems regarding this instant shopee express service, you can also ask through the comments column that we have prepared. Thank you and hopefully useful.