How many followers to live Tiktok

How many followers to live on Tiktok_In order to be live on Tiktok, how many followers should we have. For those of you who want to know how many followers you can live on Tiktok, right in this article, we will discuss it and according to my personal experience.

The way to live on tiktok 2022 is indeed very easy, but to use this feature from live streaming on tiktok or live tiktok, not everyone can do it because they must have enough followers to live stream on tiktok.

But maybe not everyone can do live streaming on tiktok, because to do live streaming on tiktok there are several requirements that must be had.

The requirement to be able to get the first live tiktok feature is age, where when you register your date of birth will definitely be asked for, so that’s where you decide whether you can live stream on tiktok or not. so the minimum age that can live on tiktok is around age 21 and above can only live streaming on tiktok. How can we live, without being exposed to age.

First, make sure that when you register for tiktok, you can make your age a bit high between 21 and 22 so you can live stream on tiktok.

To edit your date of birth and your year of birth on tiktok you can go to the settings section. select the privacy settings menu. you tap on the birth date icon menu and you can directly change the date of birth or just change your year of birth. so you can kive streaming on tiktok.

The second requirement is to have a lot of followers, of course followers also support being able to do live streaming on tiktok. because followers also influence whether we can live or not for this tiktok.

How many followers to live on Tiktok

For personal experience on the Mimin account, to get live features, we must have around 3000 followers, then we can live on tiktok. your mobile or on your phone.

What are the advantages of laive streaming on tiktok

The advantage of us doing live streaming on tiktok there are many things you need to know. Automatically when you go live then you will get a lot of followers on your account and will get a lot of likes on your tiktok account.

By using the live feature on tiktok, for those of you who sell online, you can get money from the live products you have and will get lots of orders.

For those of you who live on tiktok as a tiktok shop affiliate, you can also get money from a tiktok shop affiliate if many of your followers shop for tiktok shop through your affiliate.

Besides that, you will also get a gif feature where if any of your fans send a gif to your live stream, then you can find it in rupiah and use a paypal account. this.

That’s the discussion of how many followers you can live tiktok, hopefully this article is useful and thank you.