How much do you pay to enter Holywings? This is the answer – Some people may be a bit unfamiliar with ‘Holywings’. However, for people with income who live in big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Makassar, they may know what Holy wings are.

Holywings is a place of business engaged in the food and baverage which was founded in 2014 by PT Aneka Nintang Gading. This entertainment venue offers the concept beer house, night cluband lounge attractively packaged.

Of the few people who have stopped by Holywings, this place does offer something very interesting. Because, a lot of entertaining things such as music, dj, food, and drinks are offered.

To enter a club that can be said to be classy, ​​there may be a sense of concern by each individual. Moreover, regarding the budget that needs to be spent to be able to enter the Holywings club.

Well, below we will provide information about things that are always considered when someone wants to enter this club, namely ‘how much do you pay to enter holywings?’. For more details, please check below.

How much do you pay to enter Holywings?

What is the minimum budget to enter holywings is a classic question when someone wants to go to this place. Because the average person who enters Holywings is only people with money.

Based on the experience of several people who have entered Holywings in the Jakarta area, namely Gunawarman & Holywings Gold Klp Gading. These people mentioned that the price that needs to be spent depends on the choice of visitors.

Please note, the minimum order for 1 person on weekdays is Rp. 250,000. However, this price is not fixed. Because the nominal can also change depending on the time you visit. Usually this price applies to holidays or weekend just.

The price of 250 thousand is for visitors who sit at the table. For a table with a capacity of 4 seats, you need to pay 1 million. Meanwhile, for a rather long table (sofa) with a capacity of 8 seats, it costs at least 3 million.

As for standing at the bar, at least visitors need to pay a minimum of 150 thousand. With various provisions imposed by Holywings in each region.

Time to Visit Holywings

Before going to Holywings place, especially on busy days like Friday night and Saturday night, we recommend making a reservation the week before. Because, if it comes at that time it will also waiting list which takes hours.

However, for normal days, visitors don’t have a problem visiting Holywings without making a reservation in advance. At least, don’t go in at peak hours, like 9-10 and up.

This is the information that we can convey regarding the question of how much to enter Holywings? a question that is often asked by people who want to visit this nightclub.

Now you know the costs that need to be incurred to enter this company whose shares are owned by Hotman Paris Hutapea and Nikita Mirzani. So, please visit if you have a budget and want to know the design and what the atmosphere of this young hangout place is like.

The information above, we quote from some of the experiences of visitors who have been to the Holywings club in Jakarta, sourced from the quora website. Please visit the site for more info. Thank you and hopefully useful.