How the OPPO cellphone is not slow 2022

Assalamualikum, friends, see you again on the mimin blog, now this time we will discuss how to make the oppo cellphone not slow in 2022.

Usually slow cellphones happen because we often don’t clean our cellphones using the default cleaner on our cellphones, especially for friends who like editing, such as editing examples on YouTube or editing pauses, etc.

Of course, the cellphone will feel slow and difficult to use, sometimes it will suddenly come out on its own, heat up easily, etc.

Now this is caused because there are a lot of trash filters that you don’t clean, and usually there are many hidden files that make our cellphones slow, friend.

Even usually typing text will be slow, usually it happens like that, friend.

But don’t worry, friend, Mimin will share tips and tricks so that our cellphones don’t slow down, friends.

Going from the official Oppo site, here’s how to make our cellphones not slow, especially the Oppo cellphone.

1.Resset Mobile (means erasing all data on the phone)

If your phone really feels heavy when opening the application, then you need to do some cellphone research.

This method is to delete all your cellphone data and the cellphone will return to its original state, basically like the first time you bought a cellphone. And the results also do not disappoint, it will be light and fast in carrying out activities on your cellphone.

This method is indeed the most effective way to restore our Oppo cellphone so that it is not slow, friend. But you also have to have preparation before doing your cellphone research, friend, such as saving important data first.

Of course, there are some things that need to be remembered if you are researching your cellphone. Make sure your important data can be moved or saved first, by saving it in another book, so when you research important data, you don’t lose it, friend.

2. Reload on hp oppo or restart.

Well, this method can also be used, my friend, of course, the method is very easy, friend, just long type the on off button then select the “restart” menu, your cellphone can also be light again, but it’s different from the research above, so if we reload our data it won’t go away bro. It’s just that it turns off applications running in the background.

This method is also quite effective if we reload the cellphone will also be normal again and will not be slow, friend.

Well, if it’s slow again, you can reload it on your cellphone.


This can also affect your cellphone so it’s slow. Usually a slow cellphone is also caused because of the many applications in your Android file, so get used to applications that are rarely used, just delete them, friend. Then it will speed up the operation of the cellphone so it doesn’t slow down.


This method can also be done, my friend, to restore the speed of the cellphone so that it is not slow, one of which is to delete the cache in the application. The method is quite easy, my friend, just press and hold one of the applications then select in the application info section and select delete “chace” if you just delete the cache, it will automatically speed up your cellphone. In this case, there are two options, there is a delete cache menu and there is a delete data menu. Here, Mimin will discuss both, friend.

If you clear the cache, it means that you only delete the ad trash in the application. And we enter the application again as usual.

If you delete application data, what happens is that when we enter the application we will re-enter the password, meaning it is like re-entering the application, friend.

So that’s the difference between clearing app cache and clearing app data.


Well usually slow cellphones can also come from wallpapers that may be heavy, such as moving video wallpapers, etc. This will also cause our Oppo cellphones to be slow and heat up quickly, friend.


tips for friends whose cellphones are often slow is to research regularly or periodically, so when you play games or open applications, don’t forget to always reload your cellphone so that your cellphone doesn’t get slow and hot, friend.

Well, reloading itself will not eliminate your data, it’s just that it just stops applications that are running in the background, friend.


1. Many open applications at the same time so that the application runs in the background and makes the cellphone slow and hot quickly.

2.RAM and Memory of the phone is full.

Usually slow cellphones also occur if the cellphone ram is full then it must be diligently cleaned using the default cleaner for your Oppo cellphone.

That’s the discussion on how to overcome the slow Oppo cellphone, friend. Hopefully it’s useful and don’t forget to stop by at Mimin’s other articles here, OK?