How to Access Facebook Messenger For Free Without Quota

Facebook separates its messaging application called Messenger which is only devoted to having conversations, be it text, voice chat, or video calls. But did you know that the Messenger application can actually be accessed for free? Even without the need for a quota or internet package.

So this is like using free mode on Facebook, only there are slight differences. Precisely on Messenger has its own limitations, but at least it can still be used to receive messages in the form of images.

It is possible that this feature is not present for all mobile cards, so for some cards, the menu to enjoy this free mode will not appear. But it never hurts to try first to follow the steps shared in this article.

Enabling Free Mode on Facebook Messenger

  1. Open the Messenger app.

  2. Tap on the profile photo.

    Tap Profile Photo

  3. Then scroll down and select menu Free Messenger.

    Tap Menu Messenger Free

  4. The last stage, activate the free mode.

    Access Facebook Messenger For Free Without Quota

If the mode has been activated, the text will appear “You use Messenger for free“Exactly as described in the last step above. And as I said above, this free mode has limitations.

The limitation is free access which can only be enjoyed on incoming messages, so for outgoing messages, data costs will still be charged. Most likely this free mode is also associated with one of the access to Freebasics.

Why is Free Messenger Menu Missing?

This is because the mobile card you are using does not support this free mode. On the other hand, this can also be caused because you are still using the Messenger application old versionfor that please try to update first in the Play Store.

This free mode has basically been around for a long time, more or less starting in 2022. Until now there is no change to the menu to activate it.

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The Free Messenger feature can be activated via the app settings. When it’s activated, you can start receiving messages for free without having to spend a quota. This mode can only be activated when you are connected to the internet.

If you have any questions regarding the tutorial shared above, you are very welcome to write your question in the comments column to get a solution.

Hopefully useful and good luck