How to Activate CoolBoost on Acer Laptops

CoolBoost is a feature available for some Acer laptops, which allows the fan system to run even faster to prevent the device from overheating. Unfortunately for low-end Acer laptops, this feature may not be available.

The usefulness of CoolBoost itself is felt when the laptop is used to do things heavy things, sort of playing games, or rendering. So the fan inside will spin faster to keep the temperature safe.

You can check first whether the laptop series supports this CoolBoost feature. Or directly ask Acer support services through the website or social media. And if it does support it, then please continue to listen to this article to activate it.

Activating the CoolBoost Feature on Acer Laptops

The first thing to do is make sure the program Acer Quick Access installed. If you don’t have one, please download it via the Acer website according to the type of laptop. If the program is already installed, please follow these few steps to activate it.

  1. Open the program Acer Quick Access.

  2. Then enable the CoolBoost option.

    Activate CoolBoost

  3. Wait a moment until the loading process is complete.

    CoolBoost Turn On Process

  4. Now CoolBoost is active.

    CoolBoost Activated Successfully

After CoolBoost is successfully activated, you can now use your laptop to play games without fear overheating. Oh yes, in addition, on a gaming laptop like the Predator, you can also activate it directly through the Predator Sense program.

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Knowing the Difference After Enabling CoolBoost

Please use a program that can see the computer temperature in detail. In Predator Sense it is also possible to check it, but I do not guarantee it is suitable for all Acer series. But the difference that you can feel can also be seen from the way the fan rotates.

Usually the fan noise will be louder than before, and you no need to worry about it because CoolBoost is what it is. But if your laptop doesn’t feel the difference after activating CoolBoost, chances are that you forgot to install a driver.


CoolBoost will basically have little effect on the temperature drop. More or less only about 3 to 5 degrees. But that’s just from my experience. Meanwhile, when the laptop is not used to do heavy work, I don’t think this feature needs to be turned on.

Hopefully useful and good luck