How to Activate Cortana on Windows 10

Cortana is an intelligent personal assistant application available for Windows 10. Like other assistant applications, there are interesting features available in Cortana, such as setting reminders, recognizing voices naturally, and answering questions through information obtained from Bing.

Currently Cortana only supports a few countries and is not yet available for Indonesian. But you can also use it in English. And if you’ve previously tried the assistant feature on Windows Phone, that’s what Cortana is for.

By default, Cortana will be activated immediately if the Language on the computer is set as US (English). However, if it is set as Indonesia, Cortana will certainly be disabled due to not being supported.

Tutorial on Activating Cortana in Windows 10

Is it possible to activate it even in Indonesian? The answer is can, however Cortana still runs from the language it is set in, for example English. So later all activities in Cortana can only be controlled in English.

Here are some steps to enable Cortana:

  1. Please open Windows Settings.

  2. Then click on the menu Cortana.

  3. On options Languagechoose English (United States).

    Enabling Cortana in Windows 10

  4. Instantly the Cortana icon will appear on the Taskbar.

    Cortana is Ready to Use.

  5. Click the icon and follow the prompts to set it up further.

Apart from voice, Cortana can also do everything from writing. It’s like you use the search feature in Windows, and then Cortana will display the information you want.

If you want to disable it, just click the button Default Language on the Cortana page in Windows Settings. And after that the icon will definitely disappear on the taskbar.

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Cortana is currently under development for many languages. Same as BixBy (Samsung) which until now still does not support Indonesian. But hopefully Cortana will support Indonesian soon.

Meanwhile Google Assistant can actually also be installed on Windows 10, it’s just that it’s even more complicated because you have to install everything manually. But it can be the best choice if you need an assistant application in Indonesian.

Hopefully useful and good luck