How to activate Google 2022 drak mode

Hello online friends?! See you again with mimin, now this time mimin will discuss how to activate drak mode or dark mode on google.

Well maybe for those of you who want to change the appearance on Google Chrome with the effect of Drak Mode or Dark Mode, you can follow several ways in this article.

Before proceeding to the effect of drak mode or dark mode, we will first discuss what drak mode and dark mode are.

Drak mode and dark mode are actually changing the appearance to dark or dark versions, as we often encounter the dark version or drak mode, this is indeed widely used by Android users, apart from Google Chrome in other applications, it also provides Drak Mode or Dark Mode. like telegram etc.

What are the advantages of this dark mode feature or this dark mode? Let’s talk about it in this article.


so the phone screen becomes good, this is because the light emitted is minimized, so it is not too bright in a dark place.


So the main function is also not too conspicuous to the eye, or reduces eye fatigue when we stare at the cellphone continuously. This minimized light will reduce the impact of the eye so that it stays awake when exposed to light from the cellphone.

those are some of the advantages if we use the effect of drak mode or this dark mode, with an elegant appearance we will feel at home looking at the cellphone and the eyes are also awake when using the drak mode menu itself.

So how do you activate this drak mode?

It’s quite easy, my friend, the way is you just enter the google chrome menu then click on the top right corner menu

Then select in the settings section and just choose in the theme menu. Then there will be a dark menu and a light menu. Well there you can also activate the Drak mode menu.

Now if you want to disable it, the method is the same as above, namely we go into the settings and select it in the theme menu section to then activate the light theme menu section if you want to change it to light again.


how to update google chrome is actually very easy, now for friends who want to update google chrome can use the play store.

For your own way, my friend can go to Palystore then click on the search menu and type the name Google Chrome. Henceforth, if your friend’s google chrome has not been updated, an update menu will appear on the display next to the google chrome logo.

Now if you haven’t usually an update menu will appear, then for the update, my friend, just click on the update menu, then Google Chrome will automatically become the latest version.

That’s the discussion on how to change the dark mode or dark mode on the latest Google 2022, hopefully it’s useful and thank you.