How to Activate High Frame Rate Mode in Mobile Legends

High Frame Rate Mode or abbreviated as HFR is a feature that offers users a better gaming experience. The reason is when the mode is activated, users can feel smoother movements, be it from the movement of the hero or the skills issued.

This HFR feature will convert 30 FPS to 60 FPS in games, of course, every device will immediately feel the difference when the feature is activated. But unfortunately this feature no present for all devices.

But don’t worry, because most Android devices can experience this feature, but also know that activating it will make the CPU and GPU work harder than before. But it’s worth it, because you will get an amazing gaming experience.

Activating High Frame Rate Mode on Mobile Legends

There are advantages and disadvantages when this mode is activated. But some of that will be shared below later. And here is the procedure for activating HDR mode in the Mobile Legends game.

  1. Open the Mobile Legends game.

  2. Tap the icon Arrangement at the top.

  3. Then activate the option HFR mode.

    Activating High Frame Rate Mode in Mobile Legends

  4. A confirmation dialog will appear, please press the button OK.

    Enabling HFR Mode on Game

  5. Done, High Frame Rate mode is successfully activated.

To find out the difference, please try playing first on Custom. Usually the difference will be immediately felt when the hero moves or when issuing a skill. Even the movement of the minions is also much smoother than before.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of HFR Mode

Let’s go straight to the point, so the advantage of the HFR mode is that the movement in the game feels smoother because it is supported by 60 FPS. Overall the advantage is getting better comfort when the fight starts.

Meanwhile, the drawback in enabling this mode is that the CPU and GPU work harder than usual, allowing the battery to drain faster too. And for class phones low-endit also causes the temperature of the device to rise drastically.

So please think again to use HFR mode. Even if the device specifications are considered lacking, sometimes a warning will appear on the screen asking to turn it off so that the game runs smoothly and avoids lag due to decreased FPS.

Hopefully useful and good luck