How to Activate Telkomsel 20000/Month Call Package – Various cheap call packages issued by Telkomsel providers. Be it daily, weekly or monthly, according to the needs of these loyal users of the red.

Some of these packages offer advantages or advantages of each. Whether it’s in duration, period of time, even access to other calls or to other operators.

One of the packages that the callers of this provider are targeting is the Telkomsel 20000/month call package. Where, by relying on low prices and access to all operators, users can enjoy calls that are quite satisfied to do.

Below we will provide brief information related to the Telkomsel 20ribu\month calling package. Whether that’s how to get it, when to use it, and other info about this Telkomsel card cheap phone package. Here’s the complete info!

Telkomsel Call Package 20000/Month

As we explained above, this is a call package for Telkomsel providers that you can buy at a price of 20 thousand \ month only.

This phone package, which we consider cheap, provides voice access to fellow Telkomsel users for 30 days. Both Ace, Sympathy, Loop and Halo cards.

In addition to fellow Telkomsel operators themselves, this 20 thousand Telkomsel call package also provides bonus calls to all operators, for 300 minutes. So, enough balance for you to use calls to provider 3, Indosat, XL, Axis, and others.

How to Activate Telkomsel Call Package 20K/Month

Julybe you are interested in a special package for calling Telkomsel that falls into the category unlimited this? If so, we will explain how to get this Telkomsel 20ribu call package.

  • First, please enter the phone application.
  • Then, access the dial code *100#
  • Here will appear various kinds of Telkomsel cheap call offers, please select the option ‘unlimited/30hr AllOpt Rp20000’.
  • At this stage, prospective users only need to choose number 1. With the ‘Buy’ option to start using this package.
  • In the package description it is also written ‘You will buy Unlimited Call Packages Tsel & 300 minutes AllOpr / 30 days at a price of Rp. 20000’.
  • If you have already purchased it, then all you have to do is wait for the SMS notification that informs you that the Telkomsel unlimited calling package has been successfully purchased.
  • Done

By following the steps above, you have the opportunity to get this Telkomsel 20,000/month cheap call package promo. If not, please check dial *888# as an alternative to other packages, if not, dial *100#.

By the way, not all Telkomsel card customers, especially the US, get this promo. Because, as we have explained above, the Tsel 20ribu\month package is a promo package issued for certain users.

So, we hope you will be more patient if the package promos disappear from time to time. Usually the Telkomsel will replace it with a promo that is a bit expensive but with a rather large amount.

Questions About Call Package 20 thousand Telkomsel Cards

  1. Is this 20ribu call package promo only used by one of the cards under Telkomsel? Yes, for Telkomsel AS card users.
  2. Does this calling package use the auto-renewal feature? No, if the package has expired or exceeds 30 days, the call package will be lost.
  3. Can this cheap 20 thousand call package be used for all operators? Yes, as explained above, which is 300 minutes for 30 days.

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That’s the information we can convey regarding this Telkomsel 20000/month unlimited calling package. Hopefully some of the information we provide is useful for you. Especially for Telkomsel card users who need a cheap call package that is still active until 2022. Thank you and hopefully useful.