How to Activate the Smart Lock Feature on Samsung

Surely you already know what the Smart Lock feature is? This feature is usually present in most launchers, which serves to lock the phone smartly. But there is a difference when compared to the Smart Lock feature on Samsung phones.

At Samsung, precisely since One UI version 1.0, there has been a Smart Lock feature that will control the lock features on the phone smartly. There is some choices which you can apply. This is what distinguishes it from the features in most launchers.

The purpose of this control refers to the convenience of the user. Especially for those who activate the PIN or PATTERN. An example is when the phone is in use and the screen suddenly dims. Usually the system will immediately lock the screen right away, but when Smart Lock is activated, the phone will not be locked by PIN/PATTERN when in use.

Types of Smart Lock on Samsung

Up here I assume that you have understood what Smart Lock is. But I will also explain some of the types of Smart Locks available on Samsung phones. So you can choose one of them according to your needs.

1. Body Detection

As long as the phone detects motion, the system will not lock the phone even if the screen is dim. So when you turn on your cellphone, you will not be asked for a PIN or PATTERN again, and you can just slide it right away.

And vice versa if the phone does not detect any movement on the body, then the system will lock the screen in full. One of the example is put the phone on the table.

2. Trusted Places

This feature requires you to activate Location or GPS on your phone to be able to use it. So your phone will not be locked if it is in the selected area.

Meanwhile, for areas that are not selected, the phone will remain fully locked when the screen is dimmed.

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3. Trusted Devices

And the last one is a trusted device detector. This time using Bluetooth assistance, so Bluetooth on the phone must be turned on to be able to use this feature. And its functionality is very simple.

You only need to prepare nearby devices that use Bluetooth, for example, such as Bluetooth Watches, Bluetooth Headsets, and so on. So when the phone detects the device nearby, the system won’t lock the phone when the screen is dim.

Reach maximum Bluetooth is around 100 meters. So if the phone is far from a trusted device, the system will immediately lock the screen completely.

How to Activate the Smart Lock Feature on Samsung Phones

If you have chosen one of the types above, then what needs to be done now is to apply it to your cellphone. Here is the tutorial, please listen carefully.

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Scroll down and tap menu Lock Screen.

    Tap Lock Screen Menu

  3. Then tap menu Smart Lock.

    Tap Menu Smart Lock

  4. Then the phone will ask for the PIN / PATTERN information that is used now.

  5. And now you can choose which type of Smart Lock you want to activate.

    Enabling the Smart Lock Feature on Samsung

If you want to use Body Detection, there will be an option to activate it. Meanwhile, if you want to use Trusted Places or Trusted Devices, then there will be a few procedures to start activating them and at the same time to set them up.

So have you chosen the right Smart Lock? Each of the three has its own advantages and disadvantages. What is certain is that this feature can add convenience for users when using mobile phones. I myself use the Body Detection option because it is quite comfortable to use.

Hopefully useful and good luck