How to Activate the Xiaomi 2022 Mobile Battery Saver

How to Activate Battery Saver Xiaomi 2022_Hp Xiaomi is an android cellphone that is currently widely used in all circles, with various features provided by this xioami cellphone. The cellphone battery is a very important component in an android cellphone including what we will discuss this time How to activate Battery Saving On This Xiaomi Hpa.

Savings on the cellphone of course are already available on the Android cellphone that we have, it’s just that maybe we don’t know how to activate battery saving on this Xiaomi cellphone. The cellphone battery itself is a component that can be said to be the most important in the android cellphone that we have, if the battery is damaged then automatically we can’t do activities as usual, what else if we work we have to use cellphones.

Of course this hinders our work when the battery is damaged or the battery is easy to drop, while cellphones are now a necessity, you can say basic because every day we hold cellphones and even work from cellphones so sometimes the battery capacity will become weak and to overcome this we have to activate saving our cellphone battery. Well on this occasion we will discuss how to activate battery saving on a xiaomi cellphone that maybe my friend also has it.

For how to save battery on a Xiaomi cellphone, it’s very easy, maybe for friends who want to save battery on this Xiaomi cellphone, you can follow the steps below.

How To Enable Extreme Battery Saving On Xiomi Phones

First you can open your Xiaomi android phone.

After that you can enter the play store and you can download additional applications, namely the Launcher activity, tap on the download menu.
Then you can open the Activity Lincher application. And a disclaimer menu will be given, so you just need to tap on the 0k section.
The next step you can tap on the search options menu on the top right, then type the keyword «Performance battery» and select Extreme Battery Saver and activate it in the Extreme battery saver section.

Then your cellphone battery will automatically activate its battery saving and specifically for this Xioami user.

If the battery saving feature on this xiaomi cellphone is active, then you don’t need to worry about the cellphone battery running out quickly because we have activated the extreme cellphone battery saving on your xiaomi cellphone.

Thus the discussion on how to activate battery saving on a Xiaomi 2022_ cellphone, hopefully it will be useful and thank you.