How to Add a New Address on Tokopedia

Did you know that in Tokopedia each user can add multiple addresses to one account. So that when you are going to buy a product, you can later choose the desired destination address.

So in addition to adding a home address, you can also add an office address at work. or other address as the destination of the goods. Of course this will make it easier for you to shop so you don’t get confused waiting for the package to arrive in one place.

Adding New Address in Tokopedia Account

The method applied in this article is to use a cellphone with the Tokopedia application. Meanwhile, you can also add a new address via your desktop (computer/laptop) by visiting the Tokopedia website.

Please follow the steps below to start adding a new address:

  1. Open the Tokopedia application.

  2. Tap on menu Account.

  3. Next tap settings icon which is at the top.

    Tap Settings Icon

  4. Then tap the menu again Account.

    Tap Account Menu

  5. Select on menu Address List.

    Select Address List Menu

  6. Now tap on options Add Address.

    Tap Add Address Option

  7. To detect the location, tap the option Use my current location. Make sure the Location feature on your phone is turned on.

    Adding New Address in Tokopedia Account

  8. Wait a moment, then your current location will be detected.

  9. If it has been detected, please write down the address details in the column below. Exampleits like this:

    Jalan Mangga, Nomor 12, RT 01 RW 02, Rumah warna biru

    Continue by pressing the button Pilih Lokasi Ini.

    Filling in a new address at Tokopedia

  10. After that, several more columns will appear. Such as address labels, recipient names, and also mobile phone numbers. Please fill in correctly.

    Adding New Address Details on Tokopedia

  11. The last step, click the button SIMPAN.

Very important for Fill in address details correctly to make it easier for the courier to send the package. Add the address as detailed as possible, for example house color, near the shop, or the like. That way the courier will not stray and can send your package correctly.

Choosing a New Address When Buying Items

After you have successfully added a new address, you can now directly use it for the items to be purchased. The method is very easy, in the Shipping address you just need to press option Choose Another Address. Here is an example picture.

Choosing a New Address

And after that select the address that was just added earlier.

Select Destination Address on Tokopedia

Done, now the new address that will be used as the destination of the goods.

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Adding an address on Tokopedia is very easy because it is helped by the location feature (GPS). But you also have to double check to make sure the location that appears on the map is correct. After that you can fill in the address details in the column below to help the courier to find the destination faster.

It is still not certain what the maximum total addresses that can be added to an account are. There doesn’t seem to be a limit to that, and you can delete any address you feel you don’t need anymore.

Hopefully useful and good luck