How to Add a Payment Method on Google Play

Google Play Store provides a variety of payment methods that can be used for users. Allows you to choose and is not limited to payments via credit only. And each country has different payment methods.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, there are currently at least three payment methods, namely credit, credit cards, and gopay. Julybe it will add up someday, and to add it is also easy.

Adding a double payment option is highly recommended for users who often shop within the application or on the Google Play Store, so they don’t have to worry if for example they don’t have credit, then they can use other options to pay.

Adding Payment Method in Google Play Account

As example in this article I want to add a payment method in the form of a credit card. And here are the steps to follow:

  1. Please go to the Google Play Store page.

  2. Click menu Payment method.

    Click the Payment Method Menu

  3. Select the payment method you want to add. An example is a credit card.

    Adding Credit Card

  4. A dialog will appear, please follow the procedure.

    Add Credit Card Dialog on Google Play Store

  5. And after that click the button SIMPAN.

  6. Done, the payment method has been successfully added.

    Adding Payment Methods on Google Play

From now on you can shop for all apps, books, movies, music on the Play Store with the new payment method. And all transactions will also appear in the Purchase Historyso don’t worry.

Adding Credit as a Payment Method

Google Play directly interacts with the SIM card used on the phone, so users don’t have to add numbers manually. And one phone can store many numbers that can be added.

As long as the number is not used on another cellphone, paying with credit can be done easily and quickly. It’s different if you pay with a credit card, which is sometimes still asked for a code CVC or verification code OTP to continue.

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The final word

All payment methods are actually easy to use as long as they are added. And in addition, if you use the Genius application from Bank BTPN on your cellphone, then the card X-Card it can be added in the Play Store. That way the balance can be controlled and not wasteful.

Hopefully useful and good luck