How to Add Account Manager to Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a website statistics service provided free of charge by Google. The statistics provided are quite accurate and also complete. it includes web pages accessed, device type, location, and so on.

Monitoring website statistics can be done easily. Besides that, you can too share access statistics safely to others. So they can know everything without worrying about changes.

For example, like someone who wants to sell their website, and a potential buyer wants to know in advance the detailed statistics of the site in Google Analytics. So the best way is to add a buyer’s account to the seller’s statistics account and limit some actions to keep it safe.

Adding Account Manager in Google Analytics

First of all, know that there are 4 types of permissions which you can give to the account you want to add. By defaultit is set as Read and Analyze where the account can only see statistical data.

Meanwhile, if you check all 4 permissions. That’s a sign that admin access is also granted to the added account. So be careful in setting it up, and don’t get it wrong.

Here’s how to add an account manager in Google Analytics:

  1. Please go to the Google Analytics website.

  2. Click on menu Admin in the below section.

    Click Admin Menu

  3. After that click menu Account User Management.

    Click Menu User Account Management

  4. Then click PLUS button (Add) at the top and select Add User.

    Click the PLUS button

  5. Now you can start filling in several things, from the email address of the account you want to add and also the specified permissions.

    Adding an Account Manager in Google Analytics

  6. When done, click the button Tambahkan at the top.

    Adding Account Manager to Google Analytics

An added account will receive an email from the Google Analytics system with a notification as well as a link. And you can manage the accounts added in the Account User Managementsuch as editing permissions or even deleting them.

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Overall the most important thing in adding an account is choosing the right permissions. But if you want to make it a new admin, then ticking all the permissions is the right thing. Unless you only want to check statistics, then just select the Read and Analyze permission.

If you have any questions about how to add an account manager in Google Analytics, please leave a comment.

Hopefully useful and good luck