How to Add Instagram Filters to Existing Photos 2022 – Want to know how to edit photos using ig filters that are easy and not complicated? Relax, here we will share methods with various tips on how to add Instagram filters to existing photos.

For Instagramers, the need for content creation is something they have to do. The reason is, by creating content through various kinds of photos in your cellphone gallery, it will support IG views and followers.

One feature that is quite fast in boosting beginners to the Instagram application is the IG Filter. Where, users can display aesthetic photos or videos that are worthy of being stored on their Instagram accounts.

Instagram filters are one of the features that are quite widely used by Instagramers, especially in this feature it gives users the flexibility to be creative. Whether it’s in photos or short videos.

Instagram application manager, frees its creators to create interesting works. For example, making an ig filter using Arabic songs with aesthetic effects and glow ups at the end of the video.

Of course, making videos seems a bit complicated for beginners who are new to the ig application filter. So we offer a way to add Instagram filters just by adding a row of photos.

So, how do you add an ig filter to the photos we already have, min? For those of you who are curious to make it, please check below.

How to Add an IG Filter to an Existing Photo

Here are the steps to add photos to Instagram filters, please read them thoroughly so you don’t make mistakes in practicing.

  • Prepare a photo or short video in the Gallery of your Android or iPhone.
  • If so, please log into your Instagram account and open the ‘Stories’ feature.
  • Click the box icon listed in the lower left corner. Then you will be shown the display of photos stored in the cellphone gallery.
  • Select multiple photos that you want to add to the IG filter.
  • If so, click the twinkling icon in the upper right corner.
  • At this stage you will be shown the ‘Instagram Effect’ option.
  • Select the ig effect you want to add a photo to.
  • If you have, click checklist or tick.
  • If you want to save, click the down arrow icon (download) to save the photo that you added to the filter earlier. Done

Now you have successfully added an ig filter to an existing photo. Please look into the Gallery application to see the final video edit without the hassle of using the photos you have done.

That’s the info that we can convey regarding the guide to adding an ig filter to an existing photo in 2022. Hopefully the little information we convey is useful for people who are looking for this method. That’s all and please try.