How to Add Weather Forecast Widget on Windows 10

Today there are many websites that provide accurate weather forecast information, some of which have special applications that can be downloaded on the device to quickly check weather information.

But did you know that Windows 10 actually has a weather forecast application? It is built-in features which is very useful for knowing detailed weather information, so you no longer need to install other applications.

The best part is that this Weather app has widgets that can be installed on the Start Menu. That way you can keep track of the weather information at a glance easily without needing to open the app again.

For now, the Weather app on Windows 10 only supports the installation of type widgets live tiles on the Start Menu. Unfortunately there is no option to display it directly on the Desktop. But I also give alternative others below later.

Please refer to and follow the steps to add a weather widget to the Windows 10 Start Menu below:

  1. Open Windows search.

  2. Then type Weather and ENTER.

  3. In the Weather app, click on PIN icon.

    Click the PIN Icon

  4. Then a confirmation dialog will appear, please click Yes.

    Adding Weather Forecast Widget on Windows 10

  5. Done, now the weather widget has been successfully added to the Start Menu.

    Weather Forecast Widget Installed Successfully

Types of added widgets live tiles which will display weather information from several aspects continuously. You can also adjust the location and size of the tile as desired.

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Unlike the method above, now you do not use the built-in Weather application from Windows, but must install another application. And the application in question is Launcher Widgets or formerly named HD Widgets.

The application is able to display various widgets on the desktop, such as Clock, RSS, Calendar, Weather, and several others. To be sure this application can be downloaded for free on the Microsoft Store.

Widget Launcher App to Show Weather Forecast on Desktop

So please open the Microsoft Store, then search with the keyword Widget Launcher, and click the button GET. After that the download process will begin and please wait until the application is successfully installed.

After the application is installed, you can choose which widgets will be displayed on the desktop. You can even add multiple widgets at once.


The built-in Weather app in Windows 10 can only display widgets in the form of live tiles on the Start Menu only. So if you prefer to display it on the desktop, then you have to download another application on the Microsoft Store.

But in my opinion, the default Weather application alone is good enough you know in displaying weather information. What’s more, the application is very light to access with a minimalist and not excessive appearance.

Hopefully useful and good luck