How to Adjust Image Position and Size in Microsoft Word

One of the most frequently used applications for processing documents is Microsoft Word. Microsoft Word itself is one part of Microsoft Office where this application is an application that must be installed on our computer devices.

In addition to processing words in written form, Microsoft Word can also be used for other purposes, such as creating tables, inserting images (photos), making graphics and so on.

Many people say that Microsoft Word is an application that is very easy to use even for a beginner, even though there are some things in this application that require expertise and guidance to be easy to understand and apply, one of which is adjusting the position and size of images in Microsoft Word.

Sometimes when we enter an image into this application, the position of the image becomes irregular and the size does not match our wishes. Even when we try to adjust the placement of the image, it usually makes the text we have entered irregular too. If the conditions are like this, we ourselves will be confused again.

Well, on this occasion, I will give a complete guide regarding How to Adjust Image Position and Size in Microsoft Word to suit our desires. In addition, the image will also look neat.

Inserting Pictures in Microsoft Word

The first step we have to do is insert the image first into our Microsoft Word worksheet. For some people may already know how, but for some people who are really beginners using this application, of course it will be difficult. So how to insert the image is as follows:

  • First of all please go to Menu Bar then Select Insert => Pictures
  • Next, please select an image from your device, then click OK
  • The image will automatically enter directly into your worksheet.

Setting Image Size in Microsoft Word

If you have entered the image into the worksheet, then we will adjust the image. The first thing I’m going to cover is setting the image size.

There are two ways you can do to adjust the image size in Microsoft Word, namely manually or automatically.

Setting Image Size Manually

To set the image size manually in Microsoft Word, it’s actually quite easy. However, the problem is that we don’t know whether the image is in accordance with the predetermined size, especially if our job demands to adjust the image according to the predetermined size (image height and width).

Besides that, usually the image that we enter becomes a bit oval both up and to the side so that the image becomes a little less pleasing to the eye.

Immediately we will adjust the image size manually following:

Please pay attention to the picture above, I divided it into 3 parts to adjust the picture as follows:

  1. You can use the green circle to rotate the image. The trick is to just click and hold on the circle then rotate it slowly until you get the right position.
  2. To maintain the ratio (width and height) of the image, you can use white circles in each corner of the image. The trick is to hold it down and then slide it slowly.
  3. You can use the white box on each side of the image to adjust the width and height of the image. When you use this feature, the ratio in the image will also change (it can be extended up and down). All you have to do is press on the white box and then slide it slowly.

Setting Image Size Automatically

The second way is to set the image automatically. This feature is very suitable to use because we can adjust the image size according to the nominal that has been set.

The method is as follows:

  • First of all please right click on the image then select Size
  • In the Size tab, please adjust the desired image size

In that tab there are several sections for customizing images such as:

  • Size and rotate (Used to set image size and rotation)
  1. Height: image height
  2. Width: image width
  3. Rotation: degree of rotation of the image
  • Scale (Used to adjust image size by percentage)
    1. Height: image height
    2. Width: image width
    3. So that the height and width of the image do not change, please tick Lock aspect ratio and Relative to original picture size
  • Crop from (used to crop the sides of the image)
    1. Left: left side
    2. Right: right side
    3. Top: the top
    4. Bottom: the bottom

    Now if the entire image size has been adjusted, then please press the button Close to close the setting and the image size will change automatically.

    How to Position Image in Microsoft Word

    So that text can be neatly arranged in a Microsoft Word worksheet, it is also necessary to adjust the position and placement of images. Through this placement, you can place the image whether it’s in the middle, left side, right side, top or bottom of the paragraph.

    Actually, to adjust the position of the image in Microsoft Word, there are two ways you can do it, namely automatically or manually.

    Adjusting Image Position Automatically

    To adjust the image position automatically, the steps are as followsL

    • First of all, please click on the image
    • Next in the Menu Bar, select Format and then click Position
    • To determine the location of the desired image, then please click on the location of its position one by one.

    If you have determined the location, the image will automatically move to the predetermined position.

    Adjusting Image Position Manually

    The second way you can do is adjust the position of the image manually. You can freely move the image to the desired position. You can even make some changes to the image, such as placing the image just below the text.

    The steps are as follows:

    • First of all please right click on the image then select Text Wrapping
    • Next, please select In Front of Text (note the image above) to move the image freely (unlocked) within the text you have typed.
    • To make further adjustments (adjustment of image position) you can also use other available features such as square, tight, behind text, and so on.


    Through the explanation above, you can be creative by yourself on how to adjust the position and size of images in Microsoft Word. My explanation above only opens your understanding a little about the available features, the rest regarding the size and placement of the images is up to the readers.

    Hopefully my article can be useful in solving your problems around the Microsoft Word application. That is all and thank you.