How to Apply a Slow Motion Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

Have you ever seen a slow motion or slow motion scene in a video? Sometimes it looks interesting, so we want to do the same with the video we have.

In most video editor programs or applications already have a feature that is able to do that. However, this article will explain only specifically for Adobe Premiere Pro users. Of course, this method is very easy to learn.

Slow motion videos would be better applied to videos with high FPS, for example 60 FPS. So the results will be smooth and allow not to blur the quality of the image that appears.

Giving a Slow Motion Effect in Adobe Premiere Pro

No need plugins or additional programs to do this, aka you can directly use the duration speed feature that has been provided in the Adobe Premiere Pro program in all versions. Please read carefully the procedure from here.

  1. Click on menu Clip.

  2. Choose an option Speed/Duration.

    Select the Speed ​​Duration Option

  3. Set the Speed ​​percentage to 50% or as desired.

    Giving Slow Motion Effects in Adobe Premiere Pro

  4. Click button OK and see the result.

You can also change 50% to like 25% if you want it to be even slower. However, if the FPS of the video is around 24, I would recommend setting it to 50% so that the results are not too bogged down.

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Setting Slow Motion for Specific Parts

This method is more specifically for beginners who are just learning the Adobe Premiere Pro program. So if you want to create a slow motion effect only in certain parts of the video, then the simplest way is separate the video.

Use features Razor Tool to separate in the desired section. And after the video is separated, do the steps as above to apply slow motion.

As a result, the slow motion effect will only affect the video that has been separated earlier, so the other pieces will remain normal.

Julybe this method will be easier to understand by watching videos, but you can also follow it easily if you practice it directly. And if you have any questions regarding the tutorial above, you are very welcome to comment below to get help.

Hopefully useful and good luck