How to Apply for a Refund at Shopee, if the item has been received – For buyers who want to apply for a refund at Shopee even though the item has been received, you can still do it in several ways, which we will convey below.

Sometimes when the buyer or has problems related to the order, such as the goods are damaged, the product does not fit, or other problems regarding the product, then as a buyer we can apply for a refund.

Well, below we will provide brief information on how to apply for a refund at Shopee if the item has been received, either using the COD system or the usual. Here’s the explanation.

How to Apply for a Shopee Refund, If the Item Has Been Received

You need to know, there are actually several methods of submitting a refund at Shopee, whether the product has not been sent, the product has been sent, and the product has been received.

Well, in this article we focus more on the problem of submitting funds in the item that has been received.

Curious how to do it? Here’s what you need to do to get your money back.

Tips for Submitting a Refund at Shopee If the Product Has Been Received

If the goods you have purchased using the COD or regular system are because they do not match the description, you should not rush to press the ‘Order Received’ option.

Because the buyer has the right to apply for a refund for goods that are not in accordance with what was expected.

Please contact the seller via the feature chat in the Shopee app first. Propose a refund process politely by stating what made you want to return the item that was received.

This needs to be done so that the refund process of goods that have been received can be realized more quickly.

How to return goods on Shopee

The following is an easy guide to returning or returning goods on the Shopee application.

  • Login to Shopee App
  • Then select ‘My Orders’.
  • Next, please click on the order page that is being ‘Shipped’.
  • Please see details, then then ‘Submit Refund’.
  • There are several data that you need to complete so that the return of the item can be accepted. These include order details, reason for returning the item, photo of the item you want to return, description, and buyer’s email address.
  • If you are sure of the data to be sent, please press the ‘Send’ option. Done

After this the shopee will process the return of the data you submitted after the item is received. If it is accepted then we will be given a notification for this refund.

Accommodating Funds That Will Be Refunded The Shopee Application

If the refund application process has been successfully carried out, then all you have to do is save the funds returned by Shopee.

Shopee offers 2 options for the container to accommodate the funds, which are to be entered into a ShopeePay account or to an account. Please choose according to your wishes.

Then, how do I put money into my ShopeePay account or this bank account, min? Here are the complete details.

1. Refund to the account account

If you want to put money back from Shopee into your account, the main condition for this is that your bank account number has been registered in the Shopee application account.

The advantage of this method is that you can withdraw the funds via an ATM, if at any time you need cash.

Now, if the bank account number is already linked, then follow the steps below to get the funds.

  • Open the Shopee App, then enter the ‘Me’ menu.
  • On my menu, please click the ‘Settings’ option.
  • Next, select ‘Bank Account’.
  • Please click the ‘Add Bank Account’ option.
  • Input all data according to Shopee’s request.
  • When finished, click ‘Next.
  • Follow the next process until the transaction is successful.

2. Refund to ShopeePay

Besides using a bank account, you can also get your money back in your ShopeePay account. Usually the funds that have been returned from this submission problem will go directly to the ShopeePay feature.

However, if you use this method you need to activate ShopeePay first. If you have, then the funds can go directly to the digital wallet of this Shopee application. You can use these funds to shop at Shopee again.

That’s a brief guide on how to apply for a refund at Shopee if the item has been received in 2022. Hopefully the little info we provide is useful for all of you. Especially for buyers who want to make returns on this Shopee application. Thank you and hopefully useful.