How to Apply for PPG 2022: Terms and Conditions – For teachers who do not have an educator certificate, in July 2022, the In-service Teacher Professional Education (PPG) program (DalJab) has been opened via the ppg Kemdikbud website.

We think it is very important to have educator certification for teachers and lecturers. Because, as one of the means a person is said to be a professional and competent teacher.

In addition, this certification is also beneficial for people who take part in the selection of CPNS or Teacher Teacher Training Programs. Because, it can support getting the Technical Competency Value Affirmation (ANKT) as a requirement for this PPG Daljab.

PPG Daljab Implementation Time in 2022

Before we get to the core stage of registering a teacher professional education program in office. It would be nice, you know the implementation date in advance.

There are 3 stages in the PPG Daljab process, namely registration and file submission, file repair, and announcement of selection results. For more details, check below!

  • Registration and file submission: 7 – 23 July 2022
  • File repair : 7 – 25 July 2022
  • Announcement of administrative selection results: July 4, 2022

How to Apply for PPG Daljab 2022

If the teachers are ready to take part in PPG In Position in 2022, here are the steps or the administrative selection registration process.

  • First, list PPG Daljab 2022 on the site Login using your respective SIMPKB account. Then, send the file according to the terms and conditions.
  • The next step is to upload a scan of the original S-1/D-IV diploma along with other administrative requirements.
  • Then, please select a liner field of study.
  • Fill in the name of the college and study program according to their respective diplomas.
  • Wait for the announcement process of administrative selection graduation. Done

After carrying out the registration process as we described above, teachers can check the administrative selection pass with the following criteria:

  1. Make sure the data and files are complete, both in line with the field of study with a S-1/D-IV diploma.
  2. If the file is still incomplete, it can be completed in the repair process.
  3. However, if all the files do not meet the requirements, namely in the field of linear studies and diplomas, they will be permanently rejected.
  4. Teachers who pass the verification and validation with the status “Approved” are declared to have passed the PPG Daljab administration selection in 2022.

About Teacher Professional Education in Position in 2022

Professional Teacher Education in Position (PPG DalJab) is an educational program organized by the directorate of the Ministry of Education and Culture to carry out the mandate of Law Number 14 of 2005 concerning teachers and lecturers.

For the participants of the PPG In Position program are teachers who have had teaching experience before 2022. Where these teachers can be from all levels of education, starting from PAUD, SD, SMP and others.

This program focuses on obtaining an educator certificate as a means of professional and competent teachers. In order to print various kinds of good educators and according to applicable regulations.

That’s the information we can convey regarding how to register for the 2022 PPG, hopefully teachers can be called upon to take part in the administrative selection. For more detailed information, please visit the official website at: Pendidikan-profesi-guru-%28ppg%29-dalam-jabatan-tahun-2022.

In order to make the registration process run more smoothly. Please read and complete all the files that are the terms and conditions of the PPG DalJab program by this. Thank you and hopefully useful